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WUSA: Complete Draft Results
December 11th, 2000 12AM
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Here are the complete results of the 15-round WUSA inaugural draft, held Dec. 10-11 in Boca Raton, Fla. Chinese star Sun Wen, the first overall pick in the draft, is now expected to play at the start of the inaugural season; her knee injury is not as bad as originally thought:
Pick No.RoundNameTeamPositionDraft Notes
11Sun WenAtlanta BeatForward
21Liu AilingPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
31Fan YunjieSan Diego SpiritDefender
41Gao HongNew York PowerGoalkeeper
51Dagny MellgrenBoston BreakersMidfielder
61Wen LirongCarolina TempestDefender
71Anne MakinenWashington FreedomMidfielder
81Thori BryanBay Area CyberRaysDefenderFirst American Pick
92Julie MurrayBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
102Lindsey StoeckerWashington FreedomDefender
112Meredith FloranceCarolina TempestForward
122Keri Sanchez RaygorBoston BreakersDefender/Midfielder
132Jennifer LalorNew York PowerMidfielder
142Sherrill KesterSan Diego SpiritMidfielder/Forward
152Heather MittsPhiladelphia ChargeDefender
162Kylie BivensAtlanta BeatDefender
173Sharolta NonenAtlanta BeatDefender
183Jenny BensonPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
193Shannon BoxxSan Diego SpiritMidfielder
203Kristy WhelchelNew York PowerDefender/Midfielder
213Karina LeBlancBoston BreakersGoalkeeper
223Nicole RobertsCarolina TempestMidfielder
233Krista DaveyWashington FreedomMidfielder/Forward
243Amy WalshBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
254Ann CookBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
264Skylar LittleWashington FreedomDefender
274Erin BaxterCarolina TempestMidfielder
284Heather AldamaBoston BreakersMidfielder
294Beth ZotterNew York PowerMidfielder/Forward
304Jenny MascaroSan Diego SpiritMidfielder
314Ruth Van't LandPhiladelphia ChargeForward
324Kimberly PickupSan Diego SpiritDefenderCompensation Pick
324Marci MillerAtlanta BeatMidfielder
335Nancy AugustyniakAtlanta BeatDefender
345Sarah YohePhiladelphia ChargeForward
355Gina OcegueraSan Diego SpiritForward/Defender
365Nel FettigNew York PowerDefender
375Robin ConferBoston BreakersForward
385Naomi StoneCarolina TempestMidfielder
395Emmy BarrWashington FreedomForward
405Carey DornBay Area CyberRaysDefender
416Jacqui LittleBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder/Forward
426Amanda CromwellWashington FreedomMidfielder
436Kim YankowskiCarolina TempestMidfielder
446Elie FosterBoston BreakersMidfielder
456Jennifer O'SullivanNew York PowerDefender
466Kerry GraggAtlanta BeatMidfielderPlayer traded to Atlanta for 6th round pick and 2001 2nd Round College/Amateur Supplemental Draft Pick
476Raven McDonaldPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
486Jaime PagliaruloSan Diego SpiritGoalkeeper
497Rebekah McDowellPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
507Traci Arkenberg-GatellSan Diego SpiritForward
517Carlene StensonNew York PowerForward
527Sarah PowellBoston BreakersDefender
537Maren HendershotCarolina TempestForward
547Monica GerardoWashington FreedomMidfielder
557Jennifer MeadBay Area CyberRaysGoalkeeper
567Lisa KrzykowskiAtlanta BeatMidfielder
578Kim ClarkBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
588Erin FaheyWashington FreedomGoalkeeper
598Staci BurtCarolina TempestMidfielder
608Allie KempBoston BreakersForward
618Kerry ConnorsNew York PowerForward
628Missy WycinskySan Diego SpiritMidfielder
638Michelle DemkoPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
648Julie AugustyniakAtlanta BeatDefender
669Melanie WilsonAtlanta BeatGoalkeeper
679Kalli KamholzPhiladelphia ChargeDefender
699Erica IversonNew York PowerDefender/Midfielder
709Kimberly StilesBoston BreakersDefender/Midfielder
719Mikka HansenCarolina TempestForward
729Tracey MilburnWashington FreedomMidfielder
739Theresa WagnerBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
7410Lisa NanezBay Area CyberRaysDefender
7510Justi BaumgardtWashington FreedomMidfielder
7610Kristin LuckenbillCarolina TempestGoalkeeper
7710Ally WagnerBoston BreakersForwardUniversity of Wisconsin product
7810Tammy PearmanNew York PowerMidfielder/Forward
7910Kara BrownSan Diego SpiritMidfielder
8010Carly SmolakPhiladelphia ChargeGoalkeeper
8110Kelly CagleAtlanta BeatMidfielder/Forward
8211Mary PiteraAtlanta BeatDefender
8311Tara KoleskiSan Diego SpiritForward
8311Jennifer TietjenPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
8411Ronnie FairNew York PowerDefender
8511Sherice BartlingBoston BreakersForward
8611Sarah DaceyCarolina TempestMidfielder
8711Stephanie LoehrWashington FreedomDefender
889Margaret TietjenSan Diego SpiritMidfielder
8911Venus JamesBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
9012Megan HorvathBay Area CyberRaysForward
9112Amy GrayWashington FreedomMidfielder
9212Asta HelgadottirCarolina TempestMidfielder
9312Angela HuclesBoston BreakersForward
9412Jessica ReiferNew York PowerMidfielder/Forward
9512Erin Martinez-MontoyaSan Diego SpiritMidfielder/Forward
9612Erin MartinPhiladelphia ChargeForward
9712Emily BurtAtlanta BeatForward
9813Bryn BlalackAtlanta BeatForward
9913Beth KellerPhiladelphia ChargeForward
10013Jennifer BabelSan Diego SpiritDefender
10113Emily JanssNew York PowerDefender
10213Lindsay EddlemanBoston BreakersForward
10313Staci WilsonCarolina TempestDefender/Forward
10413Keri SarverWashington FreedomForward
10513Christina BellBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
10614Linda KurtykaBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
10714Carrie MooreWashington FreedomDefender/Midfielder
10814Jessica PostCarolina TempestMidfielder/Forward
10914Lindsay MassengaleBoston BreakersDefender
11014Rebecca HornbacherNew York PowerGoalkeeper
11114Trudi SharpsteenSan Diego SpiritMidfielder
11214Laurie SchwoyPhiladelphia ChargeForward
11314Kimberly EngesserAtlanta BeatForward
11415Dayna SmithAtlanta BeatDefender
11515Laurie HillPhiladelphia ChargeMidfielder
11615Melissa RibaudoSan Diego SpiritDefender
11715Melissa McBeanNew York PowerForward
11815Jennifer TissueBoston BreakersMidfielder/Forward
11915Sylvana BurtiniCarolina TempestForward
12015Louise LiebermanWashington FreedomMidfielder
12115Carmel MurphyBay Area CyberRaysMidfielder
Team by Team Draft Results Atlanta BeatRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Sun Wen Forward 2 Kylie Bivens Defender 3 Sharolta Nonen Defender 4 Marci Miller Midfielder 5 Nancy Augustyniak Defender 6 Kerry Gragg Midfielder Player traded to Atlanta for 6th-round pick and 2001 2nd Round College/Amateur Supplemental Draft Pick 7 Lisa Krzykowski Midfielder 8 Julie Augustyniak Defender 9 Melanie Wilson Goalkeeper 10 Kelly Cagle Midfielder/Forward 11 Mary Pitera Defender 12 Emily Burt Forward 13 Bryn Blalack Forward 14 Kimberly Engesser Forward 15 Dayna Smith DefenderBay Area CyberRaysRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Thori Bryan Defender First American Pick 2 Julie Murray Midfielder 3 Amy Walsh Midfielder 4 Ann Cook Midfielder 5 Carey Dorn Defender 6 Jacqui Little Midfielder/Forward 7 Jennifer Mead Goalkeepr 8 Kim Clark Midfielder 9 Theresa Wagner Midfielder 10 Lisa Nanez Defense 11 Venus James Midfielder 12 Megan Horvath Forward 13 Christina Bell Midfielder 14 Linda Kurtyka Midfielder 15 Carmel Murphy MidfieldBoston BreakersRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Dagny Mellgren Midfielder 2 Keri Sanchez Raygor Defender/Midfielder 3 Karina LeBlanc Goalkeeper 4 Heather Aldama Midfielder 5 Robin Confer Forward 6 Elie Foster Midfielder 7 Sarah Powell Defender 8 Allie Kemp Forward 9 Kimberly Stiles Defender/Midfielder 10 Ally Wagner Forward University of Wisconsin product 11 Sherice Bartling Forward 12 Angela Hucles Forward 13 Lindsay Eddleman Forward 14 Lindsay Massengale Defender 15 Jennifer Tissue Midfielder/ForwardCarolina TempestRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Wen Lirong Defender 2 Meredith Florance Forward 3 Nicole Roberts Midfielder 4 Erin Baxter Midfielder 5 Naomi Stone Midfielder 6 Kim Yankowski Midfielder 7 Maren Hendershot Forward 8 Staci Burt Midfielder 9 Mikka Hansen Forward 10 Kristin Luckenbill Goalkeeper 11 Sarah Dacey Midfielder 12 Asta Helgadottir Midfielder 13 Staci Wilson Defender/Forward 14 Jessica Post Midfielder/Forward 15 Sylvana Burtini ForwardNew York PowerRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Gao Hong Goalkeeper 2 Jennifer Lalor Midfielder 3 Kristy Whelchel Defender/Midfielder 4 Beth Zotter Midfielder/Forward 5 Nel Fettig Defender 6 Jennifer O'Sullivan Defender 7 Carlene Stenson Forward 8 Kerry Connors Forward 9 Erica Iverson Defender/Midfielder 10 Tammy Pearman Midfielder/Forward 11 Ronnie Fair Defender 12 Jessica Reifer Midfielder/Forward 13 Emily Janss Defender 14 Rebecca Hornbacher Goalkeeper 15 Melissa McBean ForwardPhiladelphia ChargeRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Liu Ailing Midfielder 2 Heather Mitts Defender 3 Jenny Benson Midfielder 4 Ruth Van't Land Forward 5 Sarah Yohe Forward 6 Raven McDonald Midfielder 7 Rebekah McDowell Midfielder 8 Michelle Demko Midfielder 9 Kalli Kamholz Midfielder 10 Carly Smolak Goalkeeper 11 Jennifer Tietjen Midfielder 12 Erin Martin Forward 13 Beth Keller Forward 14 Laurie Schwoy Forward 15 Laurie Hill MidfielderSan Diego SpiritRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Fan Yunjie Defender 2 Sherrill Kester Midfielder/Forward 3 Shannon Boxx Midfielder 4 Jenny Mascaro Midfielder 4 Kimberly Pickup Defender Compensation Pick 5 Gina Oceguera Forward/Defender 6 Jaime Pagliarulo Goalkeeper 7 Traci Arkenberg-Gatell Forward 8 Missy Wycinsky Midfielder 9 Margaret Tietjen Midfielder 10 Kara Brown Midfielder 11 Tara Koleski Forward 12 Erin Martinez-Montoya Midfielder/Forward 13 Jennifer Babel Defender 14 Trudi Sharpsteen Midfielder 15 Melissa Ribaudo DefenderWashington FreedomRound Name Position Draft Notes 1 Anne Makinen Midfielder 2 Lindsey Stoecker Defender 3 Krista Davey Midfielder/Forward 4 Skylar Little Defender 5 Emmy Barr Forward 6 Amanda Cromwell Midfielder 7 Monica Gerardo Midfielder 8 Erin Fahey Goalkeepr 9 Tracey Milburn Midfielder 10 Justi Baumgardt Midfielder 11 Stephanie Loehr Defender 12 Amy Gray Midfielder 13 Keri Sarver Forward 14 Carrie Moore Defender/Midfield 15 Louise Lieberman Midfielder

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