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U.S. YOUTH SOCCER: Region II Day 3 Results & Semifinal Schedule
June 29th, 2004 1:13PM



Under-19 Boys

FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 3, Wings America (Minnesota) 1

West Des Moines Attack (Iowa) 2, Javanon SC (Kentucky) 1

NFC Ozymandius (Nebraska) 4, Inter-Clev FC (Ohio North) 0

Scott Gallagher (Missouri) 5, Sioux Falls United Spitfire (South Dakota) 0

Dynamo Katner (Indiana) 3, Team Dayton (Ohio South) 0

Sockers FC Chicago (Illinois) 1, Galyans Attack (Kansas) 0


Javanon SC (Kentucky) vs. Scott Gallagher (Missouri)

Dynamo Katner (Indiana) vs. NFC Ozymandius (Nebraska)

Under-18 Boys

Michigan Wolves (Michigan) 4, Cutters Red (Indiana) 0

Chicago Magic (Illinois) 1, Dakota Gold Clash (South Dakota) 0

Javanon SC (Kentucky) 2, Keliix Intra (Minnesota) 1

Busch SC (Missouri) 4, Vardar (Midwest League -- Michigan) 0

Mentor Impact (Ohio North) 2, KC Legends (Kansas) 2

Urbandale Revolution (Iowa) 5, MK New Berlin Titans (Wisconsin) 1

Thunder SC (Ohio South) 1, FMI (Wisconsin) 0

Worthington Wolves (Midwest League -- Ohio South) 1, NFC En Fuego (Nebraska)


Chicago Magic (Illinois) vs. Mentor Impact (Ohio North)

Busch SC (Missouri) vs. Busch SC (Missouri)

Under-17 Boys

Ohio FC Extreme (Ohio South) 1, Dynamo Katner (Indiana) 0

Cleveland Force Juniors (Ohio North) 3, Capital Gold Elite (Nebraska) 3

Sockers FC Chicago (Illinois) 4, Team Dayton (Midwest League -- Ohio South) 0

Chicago Magic (Midwest League -- Illinois) 5, FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 1

KCFC Alliance (Kansas) 3, Valley United Eagles (Minnesota) 0

West Des Moines Alliance (Iowa) 5, Great Plains Rapids (South Dakota) 0

Javanon SC (Kentucky) 2, Michigan Wolves (Michigan) 0

Scott Gallagher (Missouri) 7, Grand Forks Mutiny (North Dakota) 0


Ohio FC Extreme (Ohio South) vs. KCFC Alliance (Kansas)

KCFC Alliance (Kansas) vs. Scott Gallagher (Missouri)

Under-16 Boys

Internationals (Ohio North) 4, Eagan Wildcats (Minnesota) 2

Chicago Magic (Illinois) 1, KC Legends (Kansas) 1

Vardar (Michigan) 3, Des Mines Menace (Iowa) 0

FC Milwaukee (Midwest League -- Wisconsin) 2, Dakota Gold Rage (South Dakota) 1

Sockers FC Chicago (Midwest League -- Illinois) 5, Scott Gallagher (Missouri) 0

Busch SC (Missouri) 1, Dynamo Katner (Indiana) 1

Ambassador SC (Ohio South) 0, Yahara Blue (Wisconsin) 0

Javanon SC (Kentucky) 2, West Omaha Gladiator (Nebraska) 0


Chicago Magic (Illinois) vs. Vardar (Michigan)

Sockers FC Chicago (Midwest League -- Illinois) vs. Ambassador SC (Ohio South)

Under-15 Boys

Vardar (Michigan) 1, Sockers FC Chicago (Midwest League -- Illinois) 0

Azzurri Ajax (Nebraska) 1, Carmel United Cosmos (Indiana) 1

NCSL Eagles Blue (Ohio South) 2, Arsenal Viva (Nebraska) 1

Scott Gallagher (Missouri) 3, OSC Sprint (Kansas) 1

Chicago Magic (Illinois) 3, Internationals (Ohio North) 0

Madison 56'ers (Midwest League -- Wisconsin) 10, Great Plains Attackers (South Dakota) 1

Cedar Rapids SA (Iowa) 2, Lexington FC Premier (Kentucky) 0

Wings Nationals (Minnesota) 2, Elm Grove Premier (Wisconsin) 0


Vardar (Michigan) vs. Chicago Magic (Illinois)

Scott Gallagher (Missouri) vs. Cedar Rapids SA (Iowa)

Under-14 Boys

Javanon SC (Kentucky) 4, Wings Nationals (Minnesota) 1

Des Moines Menace (Iowa) 3, Dakota Gold Phantom (South Dakota) 1

HUSA (Illinois) 3, Internationals (Ohio North) 0

Vardar (Michigan) 2, Busch SC (Missouri) 0

Rockford Raptors (Illinois) 2, Indy Burn Eagles (Indiana)

NCSL Eagles Blue (Ohio South) 3, KC Legends (Kansas) 3

Polonia SC (Wisconsin) 1,Capital Gold Legacy (Nebraska) 0


Javanon SC (Kentucky) vs. Rockford Raptors (Illinois)

HUSA (Illinois) vs. Polonia SC (Wisconsin)

Under-13 Boys

Dakota Gold Fury (South Dakota) 4, Red River Elite (North Dakota) 1

Chicago Magic (Illinois) 3, Scott Gallagher (Missouri) 1

Michigan Wolves (Michigan) 1, Javanon SC (Kentucky) 0

Arsenal United (Nebraska) 3, Mequon SC Red (Wisconsin) 0

Ohio FC Mutiny (Ohio South) 2, Carmel United Inferno (Indiana) 0

Everest Soccer Club (Ohio North) 1, Kickers (Minnesota) 0

KCFC Alliance (Kansas) 1, ISC Force (Iowa) 0


Chicago Magic (Illinois) vs. Ohio FC Mutiny (Ohio South)

Michigan Wolves (Michigan) vs. KCFC Alliance (Kansas)

Under-19 Girls

Eclipse Select (Illinois) 2, KCFC Alliance (Kansas) 1

Cleveland FC (Ohio North) 2, Carmel United Cobras (Indiana) 1

JB Marine (Missouri) 2, West Des Moines Odyssey (Iowa) 0

Tsunami Sota (Minnesota) 7, West Omaha Gladiator (Nebraska) 0

FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 1, Ohio Premier (Ohio South) 1


Eclipse Select (Illinois) vs. Tsunami Sota (Minnesota)

JB Marine (Missouri) vs. Ohio Premier (Ohio South)

Under-18 Girls

KC Chargers (Kansas) 4, Javanon SC (Kentucky) 1

Windy City Pride (Midwest League -- Illinois) 2, Dynamo (Midwest League -- Indiana) 0

Busch SC (Missouri) 5, Internationals (Ohio North) 0

West Des Moines En Fuego (Iowa) 3, Twin Cities Fire (Minnesota) 1

DSA Premier (Ohio South) 1, Ohio Premier (Ohio North) 0

Carmel United Commotion (Indiana) 2, St. Croix Magnuson (Minnesota) 0

Michigan Hawks (Michigan) 1, Eclipse Select (Illinois) 0

56'ers Capital Elite (Wisconsin) 7, Toro Fusion (Nebraska) 0


Windy City Pride (Midwest League -- Illinois) vs. Busch SC (Missouri)

DSA Premier (Ohio South) vs. Michigan Hawks (Michigan)

Under-17 Girls

Windy City Pride (Illinois) 3, St. Croix Elite (Minnesota) 0

Eclipse Select (Midwest League -- Illinois) 9, NKUSC Lasers (Kentucky) 0

Ohio Elite (Midwest League é-8Ohio South) 2, Ohio Premier (Ohio South) 1

Arsenal Strikers (Nebraska) 7, Internationals (Ohio North) 0

FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 1, Ankeny Premier (Iowa) 0

Dakota Gold Inferno (South Dakota) 0, Vardar (Michigan) 0

Michigan Hawks (Michigan) 2, Carmel United Heat (Indiana) 0

KCFC Alliance (Kansas) 3, JB Marine (Missouri) 2


Windy City Pride (Illinois) vs. FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

Ohio Elite (Midwest League -- Ohio South) vs. Carmel United Heat (Indiana)

Under-16 Girls

Carmel United Cyclones (Indiana) 4, NSA (Midwest League -- Illinois) 1

KCFC Alliance (Kansas) 2, Sparta Velocity (Nebraska) 0

Classics Hammer FC (Ohio South) 0, West Des Moines Storm (Iowa) 0

Ohio Premier (Ohio North) 1, Tsunami Sota (Minnesota) 1

Eclipse Select (Illinois) 4, Dynamo (Midwest League -- Indiana) 1

FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 1, Cup White (Ohio South) 0

Vardar (Michigan) 4, JB Marine (Missouri) 2

Dakota Gold Impact (South Dakota) 2, Lexington FC Premier (Kentucky) 1


Carmel United Cyclones (Indiana) vs. Eclipse Select (Illinois)

Ohio Premier (Ohio North) vs. Vardar (Michigan)

Under-15 Girls

FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 2, JB Marine (Midwest League -- Missouri) -

Carmel Crossfire (Midwest League -- Indiana) 2, KCFC Alliance (Kansas) 1

Dynamo (Indiana) 5, West Omaha Gladiator (Nebraska) 2

Javanon SC (Kentucky) 2, White Bear SC Excel (Minnesota) 0

Busch SC (Missouri) 10, Red River Hammers (North Dakota) 0

Eclipse Select (Illinois) 3, Dakota Gold Millennium (South Dakota) 0

Michigan Hawks (Michigan) 3, West Des Moines Royal (Iowa) 0

Ohio Premier (Ohio South) 3, Internationals (Ohio North) 0


Carmel Crossfire (Midwest League -- Indiana) vs. Busch SC (Missouri)

Dynamo (Indiana) vs. Michigan Hawks (Michigan)

Under-14 Girls

Chicago Magic (Illinois) 0, Cedar Rapids SA (Iowa)

Carmel United Crusaders (Indiana) 0, NEOFC (Ohio North) 0

Dakota Gold Alliance (South Dakota) 0, FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 0

SWU Comets (Kansas) 1, Javanon SC (Kentucky) 0

Michigan Hawks (Michigan) 3, Tonka United (Minnesota) 1

Coke Wave (Missouri) 2, Red River Rebels (North Dakota) 0

Classics Hammer FC (Ohio South) 2, Capital Gold Galaxy (Nebraska) 1


Chicago Magic (Illinois) vs. Coke Wave (Missouri)

SWU Comets (Kansas) vs. Michigan Hawks (Michigan)

Under-13 Girls

Michigan Hawks (Michigan) 2, Busch SC (Missouri) 0

Tsunami Stars (Minnesota) 7, Capital Gold Sparks (Nebraska) 0

Ohio Premier (Ohio North) 1, TC Wild Things (Kentucky) 0

Carmel United Fire (Indiana) 4, West Des Moines Extreme (Iowa) 2

KC Dynamos (Kansas) 2, Fort Wayne Fever Academy (Indiana) 1

Ohio Elite (Ohio South) 2, Team Chicago (Illinois) 0

FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 4, Dakota Gold Adrenaline (South Dakota) 0


Tsunami Stars (Minnesota) vs. Ohio Elite (Ohio South)

Ohio Premier (Ohio North) vs. FC Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

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