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Jill Ellis: Coaches must find their own voice (Q&A Part 1)

Coach Jill Ellis, currently leading the USA in qualifying play for the 2015 Women's World Cup, has coached at every level of the youth game. She served as U.S. Soccer Women's Development Director, overseeing U-14, U-15 and U-17 girls national teams, from January 2011 until taking the full national team's helm in May. The former UCLA head coach's youth national ...

Is there a place for 'small' clubs in the USA?

There is not only a place for small soccer clubs in this country but small youth soccer clubs are essential to the continued development of the sport. However, these smaller clubs must be quality clubs.

The 'Sisterhood' factor in coaching girls (Joan Steidinger Q&A)

Sport psychologist Joan Steidinger's female clients often reported that their coaches told them they need to be more like men -- that they needed to get rid of their emotions. Inspired by studies that the female brain and hormones operate differently than those of men, Steidinger has written the book, "Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete."

Kids love going for goal

The article A Great Start to Practice: Free play!, which questions the traditional training formula of saving scrimmage for the end, received some feedback worth sharing.

The Two-Ref System Revisited

Two years ago, I wrote about The Two-Ref System: Its Flaws and How to Cope. The two-ref system is still only used widely in American high school soccer and I will be very happy when the two refs finally become one ref and two ARs in all outdoor soccer games. With much of the United States playing high school soccer ...

The case for a full-service club: rec to comp

How important is it for a club to offer all levels of play -- rec to comp?

Crucial Concussion Evaluation Info for Coaches

How should a coach evaluate a young athlete for a possible concussion?

A great start to practice: Free play!

I have often wondered what goes on in the minds of 6-year-old American children who are told they've been signed up for soccer. I imagine they think that means they're going to be playing soccer.

The College Quest in 2014: 'Technology can help bridge the access gap'

It's been a decade since Avi Stopper penned a guide for high-schoolers on how to navigate their quest to play college soccer. We checked in with Stopper, the CEO of CaptainU and a Youth Soccer Insider contributor, to talk about how the process may have changed over the years, the tournament industry, and scholarship mythology.

'Give Players Freedom' -- Justi Baumgardt-Yamada (Q&A)

Justi Baumgardt-Yamada was an All-American at the University of Portland, played 16 times for the USA in the 1990s after debuting at age 17, and played in the WUSA, the first U.S. pro women's league, in 2001-2003. Baumgardt-Yamada now coaches the Seattle area Crossfire Premier's U-18 ECNL team and a U-12 girls team.

Top 3 Keys to a Successful Club: Keeping 'Customembers' Satisfied

As in any business, and a soccer club is a business, it is important to know that you can't make all of your customers/parents/members -- I like to call them customembers -- satisfied with the club. Hopefully, clubs can keep the number of dissatisfied customembers to a minimum (under 5%).

For Kids Only ...

Dear Soccer-Playing Children of America,

Wilson Egidio's New York City Success Story

When Manhattan SC PSG won the U-17 national title in July it became the first New York City team to win a US Youth Soccer National Championship since 1985 and only the fifth since 1936.

Curt Onalfo: L.A. Galaxy builds bridge from youth to first team

One of the biggest challenges in U.S. player development is providing a highly competitive, professional environment for players who have graduated from the youth game but aren't ripe for first-team MLS action.

Coaching your own child: Do's and Don'ts

It's that time of year when men and women across the country embark on the wonderful adventure of youth soccer coaching.