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Soccer America is the source for America's passionate soccer fans.  Our expert editorial teams take readers inside the big soccer stories in America and the world. Men's and Women's U.S. National Teams. College. Interviews with U.S. and world news makers.

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YOUTH SOCCER INSIDER, tips and opinions on youth soccer issues important to YOU (player development, college recruiting, parental involvement), and YOUTH SOCCER REPORTER, news and analysis on the best youth players and youth clubs in the country.

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    1. Can I get everything in Soccer America Magazine on www.socceramerica.com?
    2. No, they’re very different. Soccer America Magazine, the soccer bible of passionate fans like you for more than 40 years, is published four times a year, previewing and celebrating soccer's biggest leagues and events, all the great teams of the world and their players. Our editorial team — the largest soccer-dedicated editorial staff in America — gives you the real story behind the stars, teams and excitement of U.S. and world soccer in full glossy color. Soccer America takes you inside the headlines of the U.S. National Teams, MLS, World and College Soccer, and the newest rising stars. It includes compelling interviews, in-depth articles, fascinating previews, and so much more.

      Our members also receive e-Letters like SoccerAmericaDaily, delivered to you each morning Monday-Friday. Fast and fascinating, SoccerAmericaDaily covers all levels of soccer with fast, convenient e-delivery of time-sensitive news of MLS, the U.S. National Teams, international and college soccer, event coverage, TV listings, reports on U.S. players abroad, interviews with newsmakers, and links to the best soccer stories on the Web. Prepared by Soccer America’s expert editorial staff, SoccerAmericaDaily, Soccer America Confidential, Soccer on TV, News from Around the Net, and Youth Soccer Insider give our members more than ever.

    1. How often does Soccer America come out?
Soccer America
      Magazine is delivered four times per year. You can also customize your membersip with
SoccerAmericaDaily, Soccer America Confidential, Soccer on TV, Section Two: Around the Net
Youth Soccer Insider,
      and many more e-letters. We take a three week break during the winter holidays.

    1. What does Soccer America Magazine look like?
    2. It's a full-color glossy 76-page magazine. Page after page of vibrant color photography, up-close-and-personal interviews, controversial commentary and so much more!

    1. Do you cover international soccer?
    2. Yes. We cover the top leagues of Europe and the top national teams of the world.

    1. What kind of college coverage do you have?
College Soccer Reporter
      e-letter is published five days a week from mid-August through December, covering both the men's and women's college seasons. The Winter issue of Soccer America magazine features men's and women's College Awards for players, coaches, freshmen, and MVP teams.

    1. Do you have coaching information in Soccer America Magazine?
    2. Soccer America doesn’t have “how to” instructions and step-by-step methods. BUT, if you want to hear from the top coaches of the U.S., Soccer America is the place. The reasons behind their strategies, up-close and personal interviews plus photos make you feel as if you know them yourself. Knowledge and insight from the best will only improve your own coaching.

    1. Do you have information on how to be a better soccer player?
    2. We cover the stars of American soccer. And what better way to improve your own game than by following the stars of American soccer? Follow their rise, their struggles and their secrets. Soccer America's publications feature stories about young players and youth clubs.

    1. Does my subscription include any special issues or directories?
    2. An annual subscription consists of our four special issues such as:

      Complete Guide to Major League Soccer, Complete Guide to the World Cup (Man's & Women's), Complete Guide to European Soccer, and Best of American Soccer. Each giant Guide Book issue gives you an inside introduction to the players, the teams, personnel, history, changes and the forecast.

    1. Do you cover Women's soccer?
    2. Yes, we cover the U.S. Women's National Team, college soccer, and pro leagues.

    1. Why do I want to join Soccer America?
    2. Because
Soccer America
      IS the No. 1 source for soccer fans with interviews, opinions, news, analysis, previews and information you can use.
Soccer America
      's quality coverage is brought to you by the largest soccer-dedicated editorial staff in the U.S.
Soccer America
      is always where YOU WANT TO BE.
Soccer America
      brings you American and world soccer. With the special issues, previews, directories, commentary, opinion, insight and hard to find stories and features, no one offers more than the No. 1 soccer magazine, site and newsletters:
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