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USISL: 1996 Select League Schedule
April 29th, 1996 12AM
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Each of the 21 teams in the USISL's new Select League will play 24 games, 18 league games and six non-league games. With a few exceptions, all league games will be games between two Select League teams and all non-league games (which will only count, on a random basis, if league games are canceled) are against non-Select League opponents.

Key: * = non-league game; ** = exhibition. Non-Select League teams are in italics.

March 30

*Carolina at Wilmington

April 5

  • North Jersey at *Carolina
  • **New Mexico at Jackson
  • *NY/NJ Stallions at Cocoa Expos

April 6

  • North Jersey at *South Carolina
  • NY/NJ Stallions at Tampa Bay
  • **Hampton Roads at Charleston
  • San Francisco at **Reno
  • New Mexico at New Orleans

April 7

Central Valley at *California

April 12

  • Wilmington at *Raleigh
  • El Paso at Sacramento

April 13

  • Carolina at South Carolina
  • *Raleigh at Charlotte
  • Baltimore at *Hampton Roads
  • New Mexico at Reno
  • Minnesota at New Orleans

April 14

  • *Tampa Bay at Orlando
  • El Paso at California
  • New Mexico at Sacramento
  • *Minnesota at Mobile

April 18

  • Milwaukee at Birmingham
  • *Long Island at Wilmington

April 19

  • *South Carolina at Charleston
  • Raleigh at Richmond
  • *Hampton Roads at Wilmington
  • Ohio at New Mexico

April 20

  • Long Island at Carolina
  • Washington at *Hampton Roads
  • Central Valley at *Sacramento
  • Chico at *Reno
  • Ohio at El Paso
  • Milwaukee at New Orleans

April 21

  • Delaware at Tampa Bay
  • Sacramento at California

April 24

Charlotte. at *South Carolina

April 26

  • NY/NJ Stallions at Connecticut
  • **Cape Cod at Charleston
  • Minnesota at El Paso
  • *New Orleans at Mobile

April 27

  • Raleigh at Carolina
  • South Carolina at Tampa Bay
  • New Orleans at Birmingham
  • Long Island at Delaware
  • Washington at *Richmond
  • **Cape Cod at Charlotte
  • Reno at California
  • Minnesota at New Mexico
  • Milwaukee at Ohio
  • *Chicago at Rockford

April 28

  • *Sacramento at Central Valley
  • *Reno at Chico

May 1

New Orleans at Sacramento

May 3

  • NY/NJ Stallions at Cape Cod
  • New Orleans at Reno
  • *Chicago at San Antonio

May 4

  • Raleigh at South Carolina
  • Birmingham at Tampa Bay
  • Hampton Roads at Delaware
  • Long Island at Richmond
  • California at Sacramento
  • Minnesota at Ohio
  • Rockford at *Milwaukee

May 5

  • Long Island at Hampton Roads
  • Cape Cod at NY/NJ Stallions
  • New Orleans at California
  • *Chicago at Houston

May 8

Delaware at Connecticut

May 10

  • Tampa Bay at South Carolina
  • *Richmond at Washington
  • *Delaware at Wilmington
  • Chicago at Ohio
  • *California at Central Coast

May 11

  • Roanoke at *Carolina
  • Delaware at Raleigh
  • Hampton Roads at Long Island
  • Baltimore at *Richmond
  • Tampa Bay at Birmingham
  • Connecticut at NY/NJ Stallions
  • Sacramento at Reno
  • El Paso at New Orleans
  • Minnesota at Milwaukee

May 12

  • *El Paso at Houston
  • *Minnesota at Rockford

May 17

  • Carolina at Richmond
  • Connecticut at Delaware
  • New Orleans at New Mexico
  • D/FW Toros at *El Paso
  • *Ohio at Kalamazoo

May 18

  • Carolina at Hampton Roads
  • South Carolina at Birmingham
  • Charlotte at *Raleigh
  • Cocoa at *Tampa Bay
  • Cape Cod at Long Island
  • NY/NJ Stallions at Connecticut
  • *California at Central Valley
  • *Sacramento at San Francisco
  • Valley Eagles at *Reno
  • D/FW Toros at *New Mexico
  • New Orleans at El Paso
  • Milwaukee at Chicago

May 19

Ohio at Minnesota

May 22

El Paso at Ohio

May 24

  • Richmond at Carolina
  • Birmingham at South Carolina
  • Tampa Bay at Raleigh
  • Reading at *Connecticut
  • North Jersey at *NY/NJ Stallions
  • El Paso at Milwaukee

May 25

  • Richmond at South Carolina
  • *Raleigh at Wilmington
  • *Carolina at Roanoke
  • Tampa Bay at Hampton Roads
  • Central Jersey at *Delaware
  • Connecticut at Long Island
  • Rhode Island at *Cape Cod
  • California at Reno
  • Chico at *Sacramento
  • Colorado at *New Mexico
  • Ohio at Chicago
  • Mobile at *New Orleans

May 26

  • *Delaware at Reading
  • Long Island at NY/NJ Stallions
  • El Paso at Minnesota

May 29

*Hampton Roads at Roanoke

May 31

  • South Carolina at Tampa Bay
  • Charleston at *Hampton Roads
  • *Raleigh at Mobile
  • Connecticut at Richmond
  • Reno at Sacramento
  • *New Mexico at Central Coast
  • *New Orleans at Jackson

June 1

  • Carolina at Delaware
  • Long Island at Cape Cod
  • New Mexico at California
  • San Antonio at *El Paso
  • Ohio at Milwaukee
  • Minnesota at Chicago
  • Houston at *New Orleans

June 5

Connecticut at Raleigh

June 7

  • Connecticut at Carolina
  • **South Carolina at *Hampton Roads
  • Birmingham at Raleigh
  • New Orleans at Tampa Bay
  • *NY/NJ Stallions at New Hampshire
  • Chicago at El Paso
  • *Milwaukee at Rockford

June 8

  • Birmingham at Carolina
  • *Hampton Roads at Washington
  • Richmond at Delaware
  • North Jersey at *Long Island
  • NY/NJ Stallions at Cape Cod
  • California at Reno
  • Chicago at New Mexico

June 9

  • Connecticut at South Carolina
  • San Francisco at *Sacramento
  • Milwaukee at Minnesota

June 12

  • Richmond at **Roanoke
  • California at Minnesota
  • Sacramento at New Mexico
  • Reno at *Valley Eagles

June 14

  • Lexington at **Hampton Roads
  • Delaware at Cape Cod
  • *Connecticut at Albany
  • California at Chicago
  • **Tampa Bay at West Florida

June 15

  • Carolina at Birmingham
  • South Carolina at Raleigh
  • Wilmington at **Hampton Roads
  • Delaware at Connecticut
  • NY/NJ Stallions at Long Island
  • Sacramento at El Paso
  • *Cape Cod at Rhode Island
  • *Reno at Hawaii
  • New Orleans at Milwaukee

June 16

  • California at Ohio
  • **Reno at Hawaii
  • New Orleans at Chicago
  • *Tampa Bay at Florida

June 19

  • Hampton Roads at Richmond
  • Cape Cod at South Carolina
  • Ohio at California

June 20

**Milwaukee vs. **Minnesota in Albert Lea, Minn.

June 21

  • *South Carolina at Charlotte
  • Cape Cod at Raleigh
  • Worcester at *Connecticut
  • El Paso at New Mexico
  • Ohio at Sacramento

June 22

  • Cape Cod at Carolina
  • NY/NJ Stallions at Hampton Roads
  • Richmond at Long Island
  • Chicago at Minnesota
  • Tulsa at *Milwaukee
  • New Orleans at Houston

June 23

  • Raleigh at Tampa Bay
  • NY/NJ Stallions at Delaware
  • Long Island at Connecticut
  • Ohio at Reno
  • New Mexico at El Paso

June 25

**Connecticut at Rhode Island

June 26

  • Sacramento at Ohio
  • Roanoke at *Richmond
  • *Milwaukee at Rockford

June 27

Des Moines vs. *Minnesota in Mankato, Minn.

June 28

  • *Cape Cod at New Hampshire
  • Sacramento at Chicago
  • Detroit at *Ohio
  • Tucson at *New Mexico

June 29

  • Carolina at Tampa Bay
  • Raleigh at Long Island
  • Richmond at Hampton Roads
  • Birmingham at New Orleans
  • Connecticut at Cape Cod
  • *California at San Francisco
  • Central Valley at *Reno
  • Cocoa at *NY/NJ Stallions
  • Tucson at *El Paso

June 30

  • Raleigh at NY/NJ Stallions
  • Sacramento at Minnesota
  • Chicago at Milwaukee
  • *Ohio at Mid-Michigan

July 3

  • Roanoke at *Hampton Roads
  • Richmond at Connecticut
  • Milwaukee at Sacramento

July 4

Long Island at Minnesota

July 5

  • *NY/NJ Stallions at Central Jersey
  • Albany at *Cape Cod
  • Milwaukee at California
  • Mid-Michigan vs. *Ohio in Dayton, Ohio

July 6

  • Carolina at Raleigh
  • Charleston at *South Carolina
  • Hampton Roads at Tampa Bay
  • Reading at *Delaware
  • *Long Island at Chicago
  • El Paso at New Mexico
  • Rockford at *Minnesota
  • Jackson at *New Orleans

July 7

  • Richmond at NY/NJ Stallions
  • Chico at *Sacramento
  • Milwaukee at Reno
  • *Ohio at Detroit

July 10

  • South Carolina at Long Island
  • *Carolina at Roanoke
  • Rhode Island at *Connecticut

July 11

  • Raleigh at Hampton Roads
  • Reno at Chicago

July 12

  • South Carolina at Delaware
  • Wilmington at *Cape Cod

July 13

  • Charleston at *Carolina
  • Hampton Roads at Raleigh
  • Tampa Bay at NY/NJ Stallions
  • Cape Cod at Connecticut
  • Sacramento at California
  • Reno at Milwaukee
  • New Mexico at El Paso
  • Chicago at Minnesota
  • Ohio at New Orleans

July 14

  • South Carolina at Richmond
  • Tampa Bay at *Long Island
  • Hawaii at *California

July 15

Reno at Minnesota

July 17

  • USISL All-Star Game in Minnesota
  • Richmond at *Baltimore
  • Rockford at *Chicago
  • *Central Jersey at Long Island
  • *Connecticut at New Hampshire

July 19

  • Hampton Roads at Cape Cod
  • Baltimore at *Delaware
  • El Paso at Reno
  • New Mexico at Milwaukee
  • Chicago at New Orleans
  • Kalamazoo at *Ohio

July 20

  • South Carolina at Carolina
  • Richmond at Raleigh
  • Orlando at *Tampa Bay
  • Hampton Roads at Connecticut
  • Delaware at NY/NJ Stallions
  • *Cape Cod at Albany
  • San Francisco at *California
  • *Sacramento at Chico
  • *Chicago at Mobile
  • Omaha at **Minnesota

July 21

  • *Long Island at North Jersey
  • New Mexico at Ohio

July 24

Raleigh at Delaware

July 26

  • Carolina at Cape Cod
  • Birmingham at Hampton Roads
  • Reno at Sacramento
  • New Mexico at Chicago
  • Minnesota at Ohio
  • Lexington at *Milwaukee

July 27

  • South Carolina at New Orleans
  • Birmingham at Richmond
  • Delaware at Long Island
  • Central Jersey at *Connecticut
  • Reno at California
  • *El Paso at Tucson

July 28

  • Carolina at NY/NJ Stallions
  • Florida at *Tampa Bay
  • *Delaware at Central Jersey
  • *Connecticut at Reading
  • *New Mexico at Milwaukee
  • *Minnesota at *Chicago
  • *El Paso at Arizona

July 31

  • Richmond at Hampton Roads
  • Connecticut at Cape Cod

Aug. 2

  • Cape Cod at Delaware
  • Reno at El Paso
  • Milwaukee at *Minnesota

Aug. 3

  • Hampton Roads at Carolina
  • Tampa Bay at New Orleans
  • Cape Cod at Richmond
  • Long Island at NY/NJ Stallions
  • California at Sacramento
  • Reno at New Mexico
  • New Hampshire at **Connecticut

Aug. 4

  • Hampton Roads at South Carolina
  • *Tampa Bay at Mobile
  • Houston at *Milwaukee

Aug. 7

Milwaukee at Chicago

Aug. 9

  • Tampa Bay at South Carolina
  • Delaware at Hampton Roads
  • Cape Cod at Connecticut
  • California at El Paso
  • Sacramento at Reno

Aug. 10

  • Tampa Bay at Carolina
  • Delaware at Richmond
  • Raleigh at Cape Cod
  • Minnesota at Long Island
  • California at New Mexico
  • Chicago at Ohio

Aug. 11

Minnesota at NY/NJ Stallions

Aug. 13-14

Playoffs: First Round


Playoffs: Second Round

Aug. 27-Sept. 1

USISL Sizzlin' Six -- Richmond, Va.

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