Strengths & Weaknesses: The U.S. Goalkeepers

The U.S. World Cup Goalkeepers By Ridge Mahoney, Senior Editor

Brad Friedel

Pos.: Goalkeeper.
Club: Blackburn (ENG). Age: 31.
GP: 76. G: 0.
Size (6-foot-4, 202 pounds) and incredible wing span enable him to reach shots and crosses many keepers miss. Excellent with feet and has a powerful throw. Tough on breakaways and has a good history of saving penalties. Has a tendency to concede rebounds on low shots.

Kasey Keller

Pos.: Goalkeeper.
Club: Tottenham (ENG).
Age: 32.
GP: 60. G: 0.
Best shot-stopper of the American keepers. Especially tough on balls driven on or near the ground. Judgment and decision-making are rarely questioned. Has improved his kicking off the ground appreciably in the past few years. Punts the ball nearly every time. Must be a factor on set plays.

Tony Meola

Pos.: Goalkeeper.
Club: Kansas City Wizards.
Age: 33.
GP: 99. G: 0.
Playing in MLS has added experience and maturity to his remarkable athletic ability. Extremely quick and strong. Has great feet and plays his angles well if not impeccably. Excellent arm. Accepts his role and collaborated with Keller during the Gold Cup. Third keeper going to his third World Cup.
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