2. HIGHLIGHT & MAGAZINE SHOWS: New York Cosmos documentary airs on ESPN2

Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos
Wednesday, 9 pm ET

VW Gol (Most complete soccer highlight show in USA.)
Gol TV
Monday, 1 pm ET & 9 pm ET.

Fox Sports Report
Fox Soccer Channel
Monday-Sunday, 10 pm ET

Sky Sports News
Fox Soccer Channel
Monday-Sunday, 7 pm ET

English Premier League Review
Fox Soccer Channel
Monday 6 pm ET

Spain: Ole La Liga
Gol TV
Monday, 8 pm ET.

Italy: Ciao
Gol TV
Tuesday, 8 pm ET.

American Soccer
Gol TV
Wednesday, 8 pm ET

English Premier League Preview
Fox Soccer Channel
Friday 6:30 pm ET

(For repeat broadcasts check local listings and http://www.soccerTV.com)

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