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On-Demand Viewing Boosts World Cup Interest

World Cup TV ratings are hitting new heights and Cup-related Internet traffic is soaring, and The San Francisco Chronicle is saying "History may well remember The 2006 World Cup as the one in which technology helped Americans end their futbol isolationism and appreciate soccer on their terms -- on demand." What do they mean by that? Well, for those Yanks (we know this probably doesn't refer to any of you) who don't have the patience to can't sit through a 0-0 first half, digital technology lets you receive text messages on your phone whenever your favorite team scores. But interest is also ramping up thanks to readily available highlights fans can access from their cell phones or from the FIFAWorldCup.com Web site. On-demand is the American way to do thingsespecially for a generation raised on "Sports Center." As one analyst says, "Maybe Americans are starting to watch soccer like many do the NBA," meaning some just tune in for the highlights or the last five minutes of the game. For soccer purists, that would be a shame, but for the average American sports fan, that suits them just fine.

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