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Milan Striker's Sister Kidnapped

The sister of AC Milan's Brazilian striker Ricardo Oliveira has been kidnapped -- the second such case to affect the club. O Globo reports that two unmasked men broke into the Sao Paolo home of Maria de Lourdes Silva de Oliveira, tied up her husband and eight-year-old son and then walked out with her, leaving no ransom note. Police said the main suspect is the couple's 14-year-old son, who has a police history related to violence and drug trafficking. Oliveira's husband said their son had threatened her before. Sadly, kidnappings of soccer players' family members aren't an altogether uncommon occurrence in Brazil. This is the eighth such kidnapping "in recent months," according to Football Italia. The other victims include the families of Michael, Robinho, Kleber, Rogerio, Luis Fabiano, Marinho and Grafite. The victims have since been released. This is the second time an AC Milan player has had a family member kidnapped. In May 2001, the brother of Georgian defender Kakha Kaladze was abducted and later killed.

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