Honduras-USA Reaction: From the U.S. locker room in San Pedro Sula

BRUCE ARENA On the victory: "We expected them to come at us with everything they had. Therefore, we were not surprised at the kind of pressure we saw. The game was a good one for us to sit back and try to counterattack." On the team's strong first-place standing: "To have six points after two games and to beat two very good teams in Mexico and Honduras, we are obviously very pleased. But we know it is a 10-game schedule and there is a long way to go." CLINT MATHIS On his winning goal: "I was lucky to get a free kick from about 22 yards out, and the keeper was little far over the back post, so I had time to get it over the wall and dip it in. I kept it tight to the post, and keeper got a hand on it." On the youthful U.S. team stepping up to the challenge of earning a result with a number of regulars sidelined: "I think the team was ready for the challenge. We have a lot of depth in our team, and we came down here and got another win. Our players here showed a lot of character. We showed a lot of depth and that is what good teams need to do." CARLOS LLAMOSA On the pressure facing the U.S. defense at Estadio Olimpico: "There was a lot of pressure on us, not only from the Honduran team but from their fans that were there to support them. After we got the first goal, we felt things were going our way and we just needed to concentrate for the rest of the game, which was difficult. The hot and humid conditions did not make it any easier." On the result and late victory: "We would have been happy with one point, but we never gave up trying to get that second goal and when we got it, we were thrilled."
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