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No Place for Technology in World Cup, Yet

France, following a poor display against South Korea yesterday, are claiming they were denied a second goal yesterday due to some poor officiating, after Patrick Vieira's header was cleared off the line by Korea's Lee Woon Jae. Replays suggest that France, despite their poor performance, could have a case. But we'll never know: it was called a save, and the game moved on. All that could change by South Africa 2010, writes Cnet, a technology site. FIFA is still on the lookout for the right goal-line technology for referees to determine whether the ball crossed the line or not. "The technology we're looking for, we can't find yet," said George Cumming, FIFA's former Head of Refereeing. "The technology has developed, but I think it hasn't solved this problem." This is far cry from sports like American football, basketball and tennis that rely on technology to make crucial calls. Soccer purists argue that human frailty (i.e. refereeing) is part of the game, and that technology enhancements might disrupt the flow of the game. The latest prospect FIFA may consider is an RFID chip that would be inserted in the ball that would be able to tell once the ball crosses the goal line.

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