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Materazzi Pens Joke Book About Zidane Headbutt

Italy defender Marco Materazzi is authoring a book of jokes about the incident that led to France World Cup star Zinedine Zidane headbutting him in the chest in the World Cup final. Zidane's confrontation with Materazzi was to be the last action of his career, as referee Horatio Elizondo sent him off in last game of his career. Materazzi's book, What I Really Told Zidane, will be published this month by Italian publishing giant Mondadori. The profits will go to the United Nations Children's fund. Materazzi said in September that a reference he made to Zidane's sister prompted the violent action from the Frenchman. As a joke book, What I Really Told Zidane will contain 249 suggestions as to Materazzi may have said to him during their verbal exchange. Among the 'jokey' suggestions: "Where exactly is the sternum?" and "French philosophy has been rubbish since [Michel] Foucault died." The widely viewed incident spawned many spoofs, online video spin-offs, and even No. 1 hit pop song in France. Materazzi's book is another example of a famous incident becoming a piece of pop culture historyimmortalized forever as merchandise. At least he's giving the proceeds away to charity.

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