WUSA: Draft results from Day 1

Atlanta made injured Chinese star Sun Wen the first pick in the Dec. 10-11 WUSA Global Draft, while the CyberRays made Thori Bryan, at No. 8 in the first round, the first American selected overall. Since the first six rounds of the draft moved along more quickly than the league had anticipated, the draft ran through eight rounds on Day 1. The draft was originally scheduled to end after six rounds on Dec. 10. There was one trade -- San Diego traded former UNC Greensboro star Kerry Gragg to Atlanta for a draft pick and future considerations. However, that trade may have confused the official draft standings, as provided by the WUSA. The league provided a compensation pick to the Spirit, which will lose Joy Fawcett for most if not all of the season because the U.S. defender is pregnant with her third child. San Diego used that pick on former Santa Clara central defender Kimberly Pickup, who was known for her long-range flip throws in the days when the Broncos reached four straight NCAA semifinals. Here are the results from the first day of the WUSA draft followed by team by team draft results:
Pick No. Round Name Team Position
1 1 Sun Wen Atlanta Beat Forward
2 1 Liu Ailing Philadelphia Charge Midfielder
3 1 Fan Yunjie San Diego Spirit Defender
4 1 Gao Hong New York Power Goalkeepr
5 1 Dagny Mellgren Boston Breakers Midfielder
6 1 Wen Lirong Carolina Tempest Defender
7 1 Annie Makinen Washington Freedom Midfielder
8 1 Thori Bryan Bay Area CyberRays Defender
9 2 Julie Murray Bay Area CyberRays Midfielder
10 2 Lindsey Stoecker Washington Freedom Defender
11 2 Meredith Florance Carolina Tempest Forward
12 2 Keri Sanchez Raygor Boston Breakers Defender/Midfielder
13 2 Jennifer Lalor New York Power Midfielder
14 2 Sherrill Kester San Diego Spirit Midfielder/Forward
15 2 Heather Mitts Philadelphia Charge Defender
16 2 Kylie Bivens Atlanta Beat Defender
17 3 Sharolta Nonen Atlanta Beat Defender
18 3 Jenny Benson Philadelphia Charge Midfielder
19 3 Shannon Boxx San Diego Spirit Midfielder
20 3 Kristy Whelchel New York Power Defender/Midfielder
21 3 Karina LeBlanc Boston Breakers Goalkeeper
22 3 Nicole Roberts Carolina Tempest Midfielder
23 3 Krista Davey Washington Freedom Midfielder/Forward
24 3 Amy Walsh Bay Area CyberRays Midfielder
25 4 Ann Cook Bay Area CyberRays Midfielder
26 4 Skylar Little Washington Freedom Defender
27 4 Erin Baxter Carolina Tempest Midfielder
28 4 Heather Aldama Boston Breakers Midfielder
29 4 Beth Zotter New York Power Midfielder/Forward
30 Jenny Mascaro San Diego Spirit Midfielder
31 4 Ruth Van Land Philadelphia Charge No Position
32 4 Marci Miller Atlanta Beat Midfielder
33 4 Kimberly Pickup San Diego Spirit Defender Compensation Pick
34 5 Nancy Augustyniak Atlanta Beat Defender
35 5 Sarah Yohe Philadelphia Charge Forward
36 5 Gina Oceguera San Diego Spirit Forward/Defender
37 5 Nel Fettig New York Power Defender
38 5 Robin Confer Boston Breakers Forward
39 5 Naomi Stone Carolina Tempest Midfielder
40 5 Emmy Barr Washington Freedom Forward
41 5 Carey Dorn Bay Area CyberRays Defender
42 6 Jacqui Little Bay Area CyberRays Midfielder/Forward
43 6 Amanda Cromwell Washington Freedom Midfielder
44 6 Kim Yankowski Carolina Tempest Midfielder
45 6 Elie Foster Boston Breakers Midfielder
46 6 Jennifer OSullivan New York Power Defender
47 6 Raven McDonald Philadelphia Charge Midfielder
48 7 Rebekah McDowell Philadelphia Charge Midfielder
49 7 Traci Gatell San Diego Spirit Forward
50 7 Carlene Stenson New York Power No Position
51 7 Sarah Powell Boston Breakers No Position
52 7 Maren Hendershot Carolina Tempest Forward
53 7 Monica Gerardo Washington Freedom Midfielder
54 7 Jennifer Mead Bay Area CyberRays Goalkeeper
55 6 Kerry Gragg San Diego Spirit Midfielder Player traded to Atlanta for draft pick and future considerations
56 6 Jaime Pagliarulo San Diego Spirit Goalkeeper Pick received via trade with Atlanta
57 7 Lisa Krzykowski Atlanta Beat Midfielder
58 8 Kim Clark Bay Area CyberRays Midfielder
59 8 Erin Fahey Washington Freedom Goalkeeper
60 8 Staci Burt Carolina Tempest Midfielder
61 8 Allie Kemp Boston Breakers Forward
62 8 Kerry Conners New York Power Forward
63 8 Missy Wycinski San Diego Spirit Midfielder
64 8 Michelle Demko Philadelphia Charge Midfielder
65 8 Julie Augustyniak Atlanta Beat Midfielder/Defender
Team by Team Draft Results Atlanta Beat Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Sun Wen Forward 2 Kylie Bivens Defender 3 Sharolta Nonen Defender 4 Marci Miller Midfielder 5 Nancy Augustyniak Defender 7 Lisa Krzykowski Midfielder 8 Julie Augustyniak Midfielder/Defender Bay Area CyberRays Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Thori Bryan Defender First American Pick 2 Julie Murray Midfielder 3 Amy Walsh Midfielder 4 Ann Cook Midfielder 5 Carey Dorn Defender 6 Jacqui Little Midfielder/Forward 7 Jennifer Mead Goalkeeper 8 Kim Clark Midfielder Boston Breakers Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Dagny Mellgren Midfielder 2 Keri Sanchez Raygor Defender/Midfielder 3 Karina LeBlanc Goalkeeper 4 Heather Aldama Midfielder 5 Robin Confer Forward 6 Elie Foster Midfielder 7 Sarah Powell No Position 8 Allie Kemp Forward Carolina Tempest Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Wen Lirong Defender 2 Meredith Florence Forward 3 Nicole Roberts Midfielder 4 Erin Baxter Midfielder 5 Naomi Stone Midfielder 6 Kim Yankowski Midfielder 7 Maren Hendershot Forward 8 Staci Burt Midfielder New York Power Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Gao Hong Goalkeeper 2 Jennifer Lalor Midfielder 3 Kristy Whelchel Defender/Midfielder 4 Beth Zotter Midfielder/Forward 5 Nel Fettig Defender 6 Jennifer O'Sullivan Defender 7 Carlene Stenson Forward 8 Kerry Conners Forward Philadelphia Charge Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Liu Ailing Midfielder 2 Heather Mitts Defender 3 Jenny Benson Midfielder 4 Ruth Van Land No Position 5 Sarah Yohe Forward 6 Raven McDonald Midfielder 7 Rebekah McDowell Midfielder 8 Michelle Demko Midfielder San Diego Spirit Round Name Position Draft Notes Jenny Mascaro Midfielder 1 Fan Yunjie Defender 2 Sherrill Kester Midfielder/Forward 3 Shannon Boxx Midfielder 4 Kimberly Pickup Defender Compensation Pick 5 Gina Oceguera Forward/Defender 6 Jaime Pagliarulo Goalkeeper Pick received via trade with Atlanta 6 Kerry Gragg Midfielder Player traded to Atlanta for draft pick and future considerations 7 Traci Gatell Forward 8 Missy Wycinski Midfielder Washington Freedom Round Name Position Draft Notes 1 Annie Makinen Midfielder 2 Lindsey Stoecker Defender 3 Krista Davey Midfielder/Forward 4 Skylar Little Defender 5 Emmy Barr Forward 6 Amanda Cromwell Midfielder 7 Monica Gerardo Midfielder 8 Erin Fahey Goalkeeper
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