MLS: New MetroStars' stadium and New York expansion team to be announced

Empire Soccer LP, the parent company of MLS's MetroStars, is scheduled to unveil detailed plans for a 2002 expansion team in the metropolitan New York area, a stadium for the new expansion team and a new stadium for the Metros. The announcements will take place on Dec. 5 at a news conference in New York City. In a meeting with MetroStars beat reporters yesterday, Metros GM Nick Sakiewicz stated that the two stadiums would seat approximately 25,000 fans and cost around $40 million-$60 million. Empire Soccer hopes to start construction of the new stadiums by September 2001. Construction of the stadiums is expected to take 18 months. The 2002 expansion team will be located in the metropolitan New York area, in all likelihood Long Island. Empire Soccer and MLS officials will provide details regarding the city selection for the expansion team. In addition, MLS is scheduled to add another expansion team in 2002.
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