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Fiorentina Threatens Civil Court Appeal

Fiorentina says it is ready to fight in Italy's regional court system if an Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) Arbitration Court fails to eliminate the hefty penalty imposed on the club for its part in the widespread match-fixing scandal that rocked Italian soccer at the end of last season. "Fiorentina are not guilty of any wrongdoing, that is why we do not want to hear the word discount -- we want the punishment to be cancelled," said Alberto Bruni, the club's lawyer. "If our request is not granted, we are willing to continue our battle and cannot exclude that we will appeal to the TAR civil court." The TAR civil court is the same regional court Juventus appealed to after failing twice in its appeals process. FIFA, which has no jurisdiction over a country's civil court system, threatened Italian soccer with an international ban if Juventus continued with the TAR hearings. Fiorentina was the last of the clubs to present its case yesterday, one day after the hearings of Juventus, AC Milan, and Lazio concluded. The four clubs were found guilty of match-fixing and are now seeking to have their penalties eliminated or at least significantly reduced. Bruni says he is hopeful Fiorentina will get what it wants. "For the first time I felt that I was facing people who were willing to listen to us, as this had never happened in front of the CAF and the Federal Court." Verdicts are expected by the end of the month; Football Italia says it's heard that each of the clubs will receive reductions, but not as far as Bruni would like. According to the report, Juventus and Milan are likely to receive 10- and three-point reductions, respectfully, while Lazio and Fiorentina, could be granted five- and eight-point deductions each.

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