SA Q&A: Molnar: 'We Are Strong As a Group'

Kansas City forward Miklos Molnar came back from injury to score in four straight games, including the playoff opener against Colorado Sept. 16.

Miklos Molnar

Club: Kansas City
Position: Forward
Age: 30
Country: Denmark
Caps: 17

SOCCER AMERICA: You've played all over Europe, including a stint at German club FSV Frankfurt with Chris Henderson. Was that a backward step for you?

MIKLOS MOLNAR: Actually, the Second Division in Germany is pretty good. They have big crowds and all the teams are professional.

I played in five different countries in Europe and maybe Frankfurt wasn't the best place, but it was certainly a pleasure, especially with the friendship I had with Chris.

SA: Why did you argue with Coach Bob Gansler when he substituted you early in the season?

MM: Yes, this is sometimes you go through during the season, ups and downs. There were some things I didn't agree with, and I think I show him and I show everybody that maybe he made a mistake.

I made some mistakes, and he made some mistakes, but most important is the positive step now.

SA: Have you noticed a difference between playoff games and the regular season?

MM: It's a soccer game, we have to win, so it doesn't change much, in my opinion.

SA: You missed half the season with injuries and national team duty. Had you ever been sidelined for so long?

MM: No, it was pretty annoying, and I also was gone for the European Championship. That's something you don't do every day. It was hard to play there and then come back to Kansas with an injury. But I am enjoying now to play again.

SA: Why has Kansas City done so well this season?

MM: We are strong as a group. Even if we get some injuries, we will still be very competitive. That's why it was important for me to win - you call it the regular season - because you have show how good the group is in 32 games.

It's easy to be good and strong when everything is going well, but you have show how good you are when everything is going downhill.

by Soccer America senior editor Ridge Mahoney

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