U.S. National Team Report Card: Costa Rica-USA (2-1)


KASEY KELLER (6). Bravely cut off several lethal Costa Rican crosses in crowded goalmouth. Had no chance on the first goal - Fonseca's header was simply out of reach - and guessed wrong on penalty kick.

TONY SANNEH (4). Sent nice ball to Razov, whose shot created the rebound for Stewart's goal. Somewhat shaky on defense, especially against Soto.

GREGG BERHALTER (5). Bad luck all around. Though he made few mistakes and looked secure on the ball, he was beaten to a header on the U.S. corner kick that set off Tico counter for first goal - he almost caught up to Fonseca. Then came that "hand ball."

GREG VANNEY (6). Started the day with a reckless tackle on Soto and got yellow. In the second half, Vanney played with greater confidence, intercepting several through-balls, tackling securely and passing the ball well. But he let Wanchope go on 60th-minute goal that was called back.

DAVID REGIS (6). Perhaps the best American in the first half, he attacked down the left flank and provided Lewis with excellent support that Lewis wasted. He passed well and had the Americans' first on-target shot, forcing Mesen's narrow-angle save.

COBI JONES (3). The wannabe $1 million-a-year player barely looked worth a million Costa Rican colones. When he gave notice, it was for an inability to dribble past his quicker, speedier and more innovative opponents. Though a thrilling MLS player, Jones' last two U.S. performances remind one that, in international games that really matter, it's rare to see an effective Jones. (FYI: $1 = 300 colones.)

CHRIS ARMAS (6). As usual, won balls in midfield and played the role of Reyna's deputy well. But like his mates, when it came time to shoot on goal, Armas' aim was embarrassing.

CLAUDIO REYNA (6). Thanks to Reyna, who was aided well by Armas, the Yanks had more possession than ever against Costa Rica on the road. He passed well as usual, and went to the end line on some occasions. He shot poorly, but for a nice second-half chip.

EDDIE LEWIS (3). This is the great American crosser? What was he doing in the first half, trying to hit the obnoxious Tico fans in the stands? Though better in the second half, he failed on two breakaways.

ANTE RAZOV (4). His shot created the rebound that set up Stewart's goal, and he back-heeled nicely to Regis. But Razov disappointed. He took poor, hopeful long-range shots. Only when it's delivered comfortably to his feet does Razov end up with the ball. And far too often did he lose it and foul.

EARNIE STEWART (6). A bit too quiet until the second half - he has trouble shedding markers - but then he scored and gave Lewis a breakway.


FRANKIE HEJDUK (3). His 13 minutes almost proved disastrous when he took down Berry. CHAD DEERING (NR). Looked good in his eight minutes. JASON KREIS (NR). Lucky not to get ejected during six-minute stint.


Alvaro Mesen (6), Harold Wallace (4), Reynaldo Park (6), Alexander Madrigal (7), Sandro Alfaro (6), Rolando Fonseca (7), Rodrigo Cordero (6), Walter Centeno (6), Jafet Soto (7), Hernan Medford (7), Paulo Wanchope (6). SUBSTITUTES. Austin Berry (6), Rayner Robinson (6), Jonathan Balanos (NR).

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