MLS On The Record: Garber, Gansler, Zambrano, Mathis, Meola, Balboa, Diallo etc.

Quotes from the July 29, 2000 post-MLS All-Star Game press conference in Columbus, Ohio follow. The East beat the West, 9-4. Scoring Summary: EST -- Mathis (Chung, Ammann) 2 WST -- Razov (Jones, Preki) 17 WST -- Cienfuegos (Jones) 19 WST -- Razov (Jones, Azizi) 22 EST -- Moreno (Chung) 36 EST -- Valencia (Moreno) 39 WST -- Nowak (Jones, Preki) 44 EST -- Chung (McBride, Valderrama) 51 EST -- Diallo (Valderrama) 59 EST--Diallo (Valderrama) 61 EST -- Heaps (Diallo, McBride) 65 EST -- Washington (Petke) 67 EST -- McBride (Washington, Valderrama) 76 Don Garber, MLS Commissioner: (on soccer stadiums) "If we can do this right we can achieve the type of success that people are hoping for and people expect from us. As I said throughout this week our goal is to try to build as many of stadiums like these as we can and try to push our investor-operators to recognize that it will work if you build it." (2001 All-Star Game site) "Next year we're looking at a handful of cities for the All-Star Game: Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas. In the next four to six weeks we will select a city. I have to say to the people here in Columbus that this exceeded our expectations in terms of the support we've received. I spent a lot of years doing a lot of events for the NFL. When I walked through this city and saw MLS All-Star banners and I went to the State House (Ohio) and the governor was there and I saw crowds around our players, it made me feel like we are no different than any other sport if we do things right." Bob Gansler, Coach All-Star West squad: (All-Star experience) "For sure a lot of happy faces here in terms of the fans and that's extremely important. It was good to see all those goals and yesterday I thought it would go 6-4 for us but it didn't happen that way. I think it was an enjoyable day for all and maybe a little more so for others. It was a good soccer occasion and we're all happy." (on Tony Meola moving to forward) "What we were trying to do is tilt the field toward their goal and see what would happen. He almost got one, didn't he? I'm glad he didn't because sometimes he's hard to live with and he would have been impossible to live with." (comparison of two halves) "The first half I thought we (West) were phenomenal and we converted our chances. We had a miriad of possibilities in the second half but couldn't put our chances away. And Cobi had four assists in the first half. I think our whole team in the first half was spectacular. Cobi was great but there was also everybody else." (on whether Diallo-Thornton challenge was a penalty) "Definitely not (a penalty) and that's because I'm very subjective." Tony Meola, Goalkeeper All-Star West team: (Playing goalkeeper in an All-Star Game) "As a goalkeeper you can't come in with any type of ego and if you had one it disappears really quick in this game. Certainly I have to vote for my play of the game and who I think with all those saves earned it is Scott Garlick, the goalkeeper on his flurry of saves there. There's my play of the game for the goalkeepers." (Comparing All-Star Games) "I've been to four of them now and this has been the best one. It continues to get better every single year Hopefully this stadium and these fans will act as the model for the rest of the league because they showed us why they deserve the All-Star Game." (Atmosphere of Columbus) "As kids we grow up and we watch the World Cup and we dream about being professional soccer players and this is the atmosphere we grew up wanting to be in and certainly the fans here are great if you play for Columbus. If you're the goalkeeper for the other team they're not so great. But no question, I have to reiterate, I hope we see more of these (games) in the future." Marcelo Balboa, Defender All-Star West squad: (Columbus fans) "This is beautiful, this is great. The fans - any time you can hear a fan say 'You suck' and they're that close, that's phenomenal. That's what we want, fans that you could hear at the end of the game and today they did. You run by and they're saying things to you and you hear them and you can interact with them. That's what it's all about - them being able to hang out and do those sort of things." (on not trying a bicycle kick in the game) "I can't do better than what I did in the regular season so why even come and try one? Let's leave the people of Columbus with that thought and not try any more here." Octavio Zambrano: (Zambrano's on playing Ammann at forward) "What we wanted to do is give Chungy a little bit of rest. At that time it didn't really mean much. I was hesitant to do it. I had second thoughts to do it. I thought it was in good spirit though. (Zambrano's opinion on Matthaus' fitness) "I think that his recovery is going well. He's a little bit rusty and his aerobic fitness is not what it should be. But I am encouraged by what I saw today because I think in a couple of weeks and perhaps less, he should be ready to re-enter our team on a regular basis." (Zambrano on Diallo) "We knew that by having faced him enough times. He's an excellent player. Today was more time to share his other side. He was having fun and doing things that perhaps you don't do in a match. But he's a flashy player as well. He's not only about power and strength. He's a player who likes to do other things and have fun with the game ... I definitely think he's one of the best - I would put him as one of the best players. I think all the players that played out there are among the best of the league without a doubt." (Lothar's role on the MetroStars in the second half of the season) "Right now Daniel Hernandez will be out for the rest of the season and it becomes very, very important what Lothar can contribute to our team. I think he's definitely a guy that needs to step in and help us out. We have a big void with the absence of Daniel in our lineup." Clint Mathis: (on not having an 'I love NY' or Columbus shirt) "I didn't have one today. You got one you can give me?" (on scoring first goal) "It was definitely good. I think the most important thing coming out of today was all the guys having a lot of fun and making sure that we give some excitement to the fans and doing so, having that first goal was great to start it off and get the goal scoring going for both teams. It was good excitement for everyone." Mamadou Diallo: (on first All-Star experience) "I'm very happy because it's my first time in an All-Star Game. And it's something very funny and I think it's very good to meet some defenders here because they're always kicking me around in the field and I can tell them that next time they shouldn't kick me." (on playing short time) "If you play 90 minutes or you play 10 minutes, it's important to give 100 percent and do your best because it doesn't matter. With good players, in 10 minutes you can do something." (on scoring against Thornton) "I do anything to win. Last time I played with Chicago he saved my goal. And I told him last time you held me down but this time I had to score." Scott Garlick: (on facing Tony Meola as forward) "I hate to be scored on in the first place. I really hate to be scored on by another goalkeeper. John kept back and thankfully and poked it away from him a little bit. I know I would have had nightmares if he would have scored that." Clint Mathis: (on his U.S. national team experience) "It was a great experience. It's been a while since I've been with the national team. It's a great experience to be with the national team and in World Cup qualifying to be involved in important games. I think we cut ourselves a little short in the first game at Guatemala giving up that goal late. We were unfortunate in that call in the Costa Rica game. I feel it maybe shouldn't have come to that point. The next three games at home are very important and I think we have a lot of confidence going into this game." Brian McBride: (on playing All-Star Game at home) "It feels great. I was happy to be involved. I didn't think it was going to happen and when I found out I was thrilled. I'm glad everyone had the chance to see what Columbus has to offer as fans and the players had a taste to be out in the city and for a lot of them it's been a pleasant surprise." (on teammate Mike Clark missing a goal) "Mike is getting a lot of ribbing right now from the other Crew players. He had a great game. He doesn't play to score goals so he's kicking himself a little bit but he still had a great time and played well." Mamadou Diallo: (message from Diallo to Zambrano) "I want to tell the coach from New York (Octavio Zambrano) I want to tell him that the next time we play, he needs to put two defenders on me."
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