U.S. SOCCER: U-17s beat England, reach fifth-place game

The U.S. under-17 boys team beat England on penalty kicks, 5-3, and will now play the winner of the Netherlands-Scotland match in the fifth-place game of the Ballymena Tournament in Northern Ireland. The United States had tied England, 2-2, on two goals from Ed Johnson. The USA had finished second in their group. The week-long tournament featured 12 teams from around the world, with each team being placed in one of three groups. In group action, the USA defeated Northern Ireland, 1-0, and the Netherlands, 3-0, but lost to Austria, 3-0. The top three teams from each group advance to the semifinals and the best overall second-place finisher advances as well. The USA and Northern Ireland both finished with the same amount of points, but the tournament host will go through on a better goal differential as the fourth team in the semifinals, joining Austria, Switzerland and Israel. April 28 in Ballymena USA 2 England 2 (USA wins, 5-3, on PKs). Goals: E. Johnson 20, 58; Taylor 3, Moogan 27. USA -- Schuerman, Mapp, E. Johnson, Quaranta, Stone, Capano, Villalobos, Harvey (Fiore, 72), Lancos, Chun, Griffin (Simo, 31). England -- Wizik, Poole, Kanel, Haskins, Kamara, Hand, Dent, Bailey (Croft, 57), Moogan (Jamon, 50), Kitamirike, Taylor. Att.: 200. April 26 in Ballymena USA 0 Austria 3. Goals: Salri 8, Jorgen 20, Klaus 24. USA -- Riffett, P. Johnson (Mapp, 47), Chun, Lancos, Harvey, E. Johnson, Griffin, Quaranta, Stone, Capano, Villalobos (Simo, 57). Austria -- Ribeat, Martin, Jurgen, Markus, Franz, Klaus, Alexander, Salri, Jorgen, David, Gunther. Att.: 200 April 25 in Ballymena USA 3 the Netherlands 0. Goals: E. Johnson 37, Quaranta 46, Mapp, 55. USA -- Riffett, Harvey, Lancos, Griffin, Chun, Stone (Freeman, 62), Capano (Pearce, 55), Villalobos (Rodriguez, 62), P. Johnson (Mapp, 51), Quaranta, E. Johnson (Simo, 51). The Netherlands -- Muelen, Gauizu, Maruanaya (Appelman, 60), Bandjar, de Haan, Rintes, Robben (Scholte, 63), Wijks, de Jong, Van Wijk, Serghinio Nelso. Att.: 200. April 24 in Ballymena USA 1 Northern Ireland 0. Goal: Quaranta 69. USA -- Riffett, Mapp (P. Johnson, 50), Chun, Harvey, Lancos, E. Johnson, Griffin, Quaranta, Stone, Capano, Villalobos (Simo, 62). Northern Ireland -- Coyles, Flannagan (Patterson, 55), Kingsberry (Kingsbury, 50), McCrystal, Ward, Clingman, Hamilton, Davey, Hamilton, McNulty (Tageart, 35), McStay. Att.: 1,500.
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