Olympic qualifying: USA 0 Canada 0


April 25 in Hershey, Pa. USA 0 Canada 0. USA -- Howard, Cherundolo, Dunseth, McCarty (Califf, 72), Corrales, Thorrington, Vagenas (Winters, 64), O'Brien, Olsen, Casey, Albright (Wolff, 64). Canada -- Franks, Skinner, McKenna, Clarke, McCauley (cameorn, 65), Hastings, Bent, Aristodemo (Bernier, 88), Kindel, DeRosario, Stalteri. Red cards: USA -- Dunseth 45; Canada -- Kindel 45. Referee: Neftali Recinos (El Salvador). Att.: 5,798.


1st Minute: Canada kicks off. 1st Minute: Canada twice called for fouls in the left side of midfield. 4th Minute: Canada's Kindel offsides, attacking up the left wing. 5th Minute: Canada called for foul in the midfield. (Neither team has had a dangerous scoring opportunity in the opening minutes of the match. Both sides are playing in the midfield and have been slow to organize their attacks.) 8th Minute: Left wing, O'Brien frees Olsen, cross from endline to far side of penalty area. Casey cannot get a shot, sends the ball back into penalty area, but is cleared. 8th Minute: U.S. called for foul on right side of defense, 30 yards from goal. 10th Minute: Olsen long ball to Thorrington, keeper comes out of box and the ball bounces over him, Thorrington is pressured by defender goes to right wing, lays ball back to Vagenas whose shot from 20 yards sails wide left. 11th Minute: Dunseth to Albright, 45 yard ball on the ground. Albright sprint down right wing, disposessed in corner of box. Albright's speed is looking dangerous. 12th Minute: A Canadian attack ends when they are whistled for a foul in the box. 13th Minute: Corrales out of the back sends long ball to Casey, who goes up over defender to flick onto Albright, but keeper beats him to ball in box. Most U.S. attack is up left wing utilizing Albright. 14th Minute: Sustained attack from U.S., sparked by creative Ben Olsen play up left sideline, eventually leads to a goal kick without a shot. 16th Minute: Albright whistled offsides on right side. 17th Minute: U.S. foul on right side of midfield gives Hastings a free kick from long range. He puts the ball into the far side of the box where McKenna's header on goal is saved by Howard. 19th Minute: DeRosario on left side of Canadian midfield switches fields to Clarke on right side of box. He heads down to unmarked Stalteri, who faces no pressure and shoots from ten yards, going near post and wide right, putting the ball in the side netting. The best scoring opportunity so far. 20th Minute: U.S. gets free kick from extreme right side, about 20 yards from endline. Eventually the attack is thwarted by an offsides call in the box. 22nd Minute: Olsen takes the first corner of the game from the right side. Ball is controlled by keeper after a cross from right side that posed little threat. 24th Minute: Hastings steps forward to catch Casey offsides on nice pass from Vagenas. 25th Minute: Albright cautioned for physical play on Hastings. 25th Minute: Stalteri shot from 21 yards just wide right. 26th Minute: O'Brien's ambitious attempt from 35 yards is wide left. 26th Minute: U.S. foul in the midfield. 27th Minute: Offensive effort by Canada is ended with a foul call. 28th Minute: Combination play in midfield between Olsen and Thorrington results in Thorrington shot, well high, from 24 yards. 29th Minute: Canada called for foul on left side of midfield. 31st Minute: Though both teams have shown creative plays and penetrated the other's defense, there has yet to be a shot on goal. 32nd Minute: Dunseth cautioned for tackle about 30 yards from goal. His second card of the competition means he will not be eligible for the semifinal, should the U.S. advance. Shot off free kick is high over crossbar. 35th Minute: Consecutive passes between several U.S. players leads to U.S. corner. Vagenas's shot from 25 yards in the midfield off corner is high. 37th Minute: Corrales foul deep in right corner gives Canada a free kick. They earn a corner on the left side off U.S. clearance of resulting cross. Canada whistled for foul in box off their first corner. 41st Minute: Casey leaves ball for Albright, attacking on right side of midfield. Albright carries, gets around defender and into the box. His shot is saved, rebounded to Casey, whose first touch is a shot to near post, barely wide left under heavy pressure from the alert Canadian defender. 46th Minute: Captain Dunseth, is given a red card for getting tangled up in box and scuffling with Canada's Steve Kindel, who is also ejected. The remainder of the match will be played with ten men on each side. Ben Olsen is wearing the captain's armband for the U.S. in the absense of the ejected Dunseth. HALFTIME: 0-0. 46th Minute: Canada's Hastings is yellow-carded for a challenge on McCarty. 47th Minute: Canada's Clarke is yellow-carded in the midfield. 48th Minute: DeRosario, carries the ball into the box and unleashes a shot from 13 yards that Howard spears. U.S. defense clears the rebound. 49th Minute: Canada's Stalteri is yellow-carded for a challenge on McCarty. This is Stalteri's second yellow of the tournament. 54th Minute: Chip from Albright on left side of midfield finds Casey loosely marked in box, plays the ball to himself off his chest. Hesitates before shooting low, which Mike Franks goes down and saves well. 55th Minute: Albright draws a foul just outside of penalty area. Shot is wide right. 58th Minute: DeRosario shoots from right corner of six-yard box, shot high. 60th Minute: Albright from O'Brien shoots from just inside penalty area. The low shot is saved by Franks. 63th Minute: Casey receives pass from O'Brien and carries under pressure into right corner of penalty area, but is called for a foul, ending the U.S. attack. 64th Minute: U.S. Substitutions: Wolff replaces Albright, Winters replaces Vagenas. 65th Minute: Canada Substitution: Cameron replaces McCauley. 68th Minute: Jeff Skinner, alone in the left side of the penalty area, shoot the ball right at Howard, who easily catches it. 69th Minute: This physical match has seen 21 fouls from Canada and 13 on the U.S., in addition to seven cards (two of them red). 71st Minute: Olsen gets some free space, about 25 yards from goal, and cracks a shot high, over the crossbar. 72nd Minute: U.S. Substitution: Califf replaces McCarty. 75th Minute: Neither team has put together a sustained attack in recent minutes. 80th Minute: Josh Wolff gets the ball about 9 yards from endline, inside box and his left footed shot is wide left. 84th Minute: Wolff carries from about twenty yards to the endline under pressure from defender, but cannot get a cross from the endline past the goalkeeper. 87th Minute: Olsen springs Corrales down left wing. Well-placed cross is headed out by Canada, where Olsen collects, sets up Winters for shot from 22 yards that is deflected out of danger. 88th Minute: Canada Substitution: Bernier for Aristodemo. 92nd Minute: Bernier given yellow card for foul on Olsen. FINAL: 0-0.
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