USA-COLOMBIA (2-2; 1-2 on PKs)

Brad Friedel (5). No chance on first goal. The second was surrendered at the near post, but was an absolute bomb. Well-beaten yet saved by the woodwork on two other occasions. Stopped one PK and got his hand on another. Eddie Pope (5). Often isolated on his side while the U.S. was playing with three in the back, and sometimes crossed signals with C.J. Brown when the U.S. went to a 4-4-2. Struggled to match the Colombians' speed over short distances. Robin Fraser (5). Started shakily by giving the ball to Faustino Asprilla twice in the opening minutes. Has to take responsibility, as organizer, for first Colombia goal. Plugged a lot of holes, and was particularly strong in the second overtime. Cut off Gonzalo Martinez late in the game inside the penalty area. Quickness came in handy. Jeff Agoos (4). Singed by Colombia's multi-pronged attack on his side. A bit more inclined to attack than earlier in the tournament. Fell down yet again. Had a rough time dealing with Faustino Asprilla. Cobi Jones (7). Terrified Colombia with swooping dribbles and darting runs into space. Kept to his task diligently despite being stopped several times by chop blocks. Cross on first goal was a thing of beauty. Chris Armas (4). Turned the ball over too many times, and didn't blunt the dribbling runs of Franky Oviedo, Jorge Bolano, John Wilmar Perez and Martinez. Volleyed a fine goal to put the U.S. in the lead, then let Gerardo Bedoya slip past to strike the stunning equalizer. Claudio Reyna (3). Pushed higher than normal due to Kirovski's injury, and never really settled in. Seemed tired in the first half. Touches were unusually ragged, passing was poor, shooting was weak. Fluffed penalty capped a very forgettable day. Eddie Lewis (7). Served enough quality balls to win most games after blowing an easy trap and giving the ball away early. Breached the Colombian defense repeatedly in the second half of regulation and first half of overtime - periods during which the U.S. could have iced it. Twice forced spectacular saves with wicked free kicks, and bent several balls around the Colombian back line. Jovan Kirovski (NR). Started more strongly than in previous games. Checked back to lure defenders and find teammates with short balls. Subbed with injury in 27th minute. Brian McBride (7). A strong game in addition to scoring the first goal and setting up the second. Won duels in the air, of course, but also served teammates with balls pushed and prodded while roaming outside the penalty area. Eric Wynalda (5). Linked well with Lewis after halftime, and dropped the ball back for Jones to serve on first goal. Resorted to fouling when unable to win balls. Squandered one chance by hesitating as a ball dropped invitingly, and didn't have the wheels to pounce on two other promising opportunities. Penalty attempt was grotesque.


Richie Williams (5). On this day, more efficient than Armas. Unlucky to crash a potential winner off the crossbar, but he too had trouble sorting things out in midfield. Ben Olsen (3). Aimless and ineffective. Fresh legs, stale performance. A tired Jones would have been better. C.J. Brown (4). Launched several horrendous passes. Seemed outclassed by Colombian attackers and needs more experience to play at this level in a 4-4-2.


Miguel Calero (6), Andres Mosquera (5), Carlos Asprilla (5), Gonzalo Martinez (6), Martin Zapata (5), Bonner Mosquera (6), Gerardo Bedoya (6), Jorge Bolano (5), Franky Oveido (6), Hector Hurtado (7), Faustino Asprilla (7). Substitutes: Edwin Congo (6), John Wilmar Perez (7), Mayer Candelo (6).
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