Q&A with the SA Editors: Dec. 16, 1999

William Malkames Allentown, Pa Frankie Hejduk's playing time seems to have gone from part-time starter, to late-game sub to, at least lately, left on the bench. Any explanation? Ridge Mahoney: William, he did play in four of the six Champions' League games. Leverkusen has been winning in the Bundesliga without him, and the club recently signed two young Croatian players -- one a defender, one a midfielder -- and Frankie's just being squeezed out of a talent-rich roster. You have to remember Hejduk is still very raw, and teams can adjust to his speed. He's also not a great defender, so he can be a liability at right back. Since Leverkusen was eliminated last week in the UEFA Cup by Udinese, it will be interesting to see if he gets significant playing time. Leverkusen has one of the best midfields in the Bundesliga, and sometimes a player like Ze Roberto is left on the bench. Oliver Neuville is not playing all that well as a right wing, and perhaps Christoph Daum will give Frankie a run at that spot, as he did a few times last year.
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