NCAA Division I MenÆs Championship History

The Indiana Hoosiers meet the Santa Clara Broncos for the NCAA 1999 Division I menÆs title at 1:00 (Eastern Time) Sunday (ESPN). Santa Clara last reached the final in 1991, losing to Virginia on penalty kicks. The Broncos, in their other final appearance, tied Virginia in 1989 to share the national title. Indiana is aiming for a second straight title, having defeated Stanford, 3-1, last year. Hoosiers coach Jerry Yeagley is aiming for his fifth national title with the Hoosier program he founded. He celebrated national championships in 1982, 1983 and 1988 before last yearÆs victory. Only four other coaches have won as many Division I national titles as Yeagley: Bob Guelker (6) with St. Louis and SIU-Edwardsville, Bruce Arena (5) with Virginia, Harry Keough (5) with St. Louis and Stephen Negoesco (5) with San Francisco. (NegoescoÆs 1978 title was vacated.) NCAA Men's Division I Champions 1959 Saint Louis. 1960 Saint Louis. 1961 West Chester. 1962 Saint Louis. 1963 Saint Louis. 1964 Navy. 1965 Saint Louis. 1966 San Francisco. 1967 Michigan State, Saint Louis. 1968 Michigan State, Maryland. 1969 Saint Louis. 1970 Saint Louis. 1971 Howard (NCAA vacated title). 1972 Saint Louis. 1973 Saint Louis. 1974 Howard. 1975 San Francisco. 1976 San Francisco. 1977 Hartwick. 1978 San Francisco (NCAA vacated title). 1979 SIU-Edwardsville. 1980 San Francisco. 1981 Connecticut. 1982 Indiana. 1983 Indiana. 1984 Clemson. 1985 UCLA. 1986 Duke. 1987 Clemson. 1988 Indiana. 1989 Santa Clara, Virginia. 1990 UCLA. 1991 Virginia. 1992 Virginia. 1993 Virginia. 1994 Virginia. 1995 Wisconsin. 1996 St. John's. 1997 UCLA. 1998 Indiana.
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