November Poll Results: Pick the top 1999 TFC (CONCACAF) Player

Here are the responses from the November poll in which 916 fans picked the top TFC player in 1999. TFC, The Football Confederation, formerly known as CONCACAF, is the region covering North and Central America and the Caribbean. (A 3-2-1 point system was used for first, second and third place): 1. Kasey Keller (USA) 1,404 points (271) 2. Claudio Reyna (USA) 709 points (87) 3. Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Mexico) 446 points (63) 4. Luis Hernandez (Mexico) 372 points (37) 5. Stern John (Trinidad & Tobago) 371 points (42) (In parentheses are first-place votes.)
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