SA Online Q&A with Editors: June 28, 1996


Mike Ellsworth

Wyomissing, Pa.

As midseason nears in the MLS, I was wondering how the players were to be selected to the all-star game?

RM: The teams were selected by a vote of MLS head and assistant coaches. Lothar Osiander and Thomas Rongen are the All-Star coaches by virtue of their teams leading the conferences. The game will be July 14th at Giants Stadium.

The league office is considering having the fans vote for all-stars next season. Nevertheless, we will be polling the fans for their all-star votes this month and will run the results in SA. We know the fans know better.

Marc Wasserman

New York

I've heard that the U.S. Open Cup competition involving A-League and USISL teams will also include four MLS teams this year. Can you tell me more about the tournament? Where will the games be played? Will the winner be eligible to represent the U.S. in international tournaments? Which MLS teams will be participating?

RM: There's no decision yet on MLS teams competing for next year; this year's tournament is already underway, and the U.S. champion is eligible to represent the U.S. in CONCACAF play.

Teams from all over the country enter the Open Cup, which is open to all teams, not just A-League and USISL, and progress from local to regional competition, with the four regional winners meeting to decide the champion. There are six classificiations: Open, Over-30, and Amateur in both men's and women's divisions. The finals will be played in July.

For more information, call the U.S. Soccer Amateur Division at (201) 861-6277. Fax: 201-861-6341.

Marcus Hill

Charlottesville, Va.

Hello, my name is Marcus, and I play goalie. I am a really big fan of Jorge Campos, and I was wondering if you know any numbers or any kind of resource where I could find his uniform replicas to order?

RM: Marcus, I'd ask at your friendly neighborhood soccer store if they stock Campos jerseys, and if not, how they can be ordered. You can also call TSI Soccer, which carries all MLS merchandise,. at 1 (800) 842-6679, and the LA Galaxy at (310) 445-1260.

Ellen Seidman

Washington, D.C.

How come you have yet to recognize Manny Motajo of the LA Galaxy as one of the unsung heros of MLS? If you had to play in front of Jorge Campos and your team had lots of shutouts, you'd think you were great! Come on, folks. Just because he's an obscure player from Nigeria by way of Howard doesn't mean he's not great. P.S. He's a great coach, too.

RM: I've seen most of the L.A. games this year, Ellen, and although Manny's not a bad player, Robin Fraser and Dan Calichman and Mark Semioli have been playing better. Perhaps this is because Manny was a forward as a young player and still isn't as sharp defensively as his back-line mates. But, he's a starter for an unbeaten team, so there's no question he's doing a solid job. And as you say, he's also a good guy.

Ric Miller

Pensacola, Fla.

I am confused about the time-in-possession statistic reported for MLS games. Every minute of the game is accounted for by one team or the other. Yet obviously some of the time the ball is not in play or in clear possession by either team. How is this statistic generated?

RM: Who knows? Actually, the ball is deemed in possession by the last team that touched it, up until it is touched by a player on the other team. But how they can click that stopwatch on and off when the ball is ping-ponging in midfield is beyond me. Remember, these are just estimates, not computed to the precise second, although such exact measurements can be made by digital tracking and a computer. But why bother?

To use an example from American football, when a team punts the ball, it is considered to have possession until a player on the other team catches it, or fumbles it, as the case may be. Same with an interception.

Phehello Anthony Mahasele

Grahamstown, South Africa

Can you please give me some information on how the South African players Doctor Khumalo and Shaun Bartlett are doing?

RM&PB: Bartlett is doing so well several foreign clubs have already asked MLS about buying him! He scored just this past Wednesday, but that wasn't enough to keep Colorado from losing 3-1 to Los Angeles. Both players missed several games when they returned home to lead Bfana Bfana (the South African national team) over Malawi in World Cup '98 qualifying, and their MLS teams struggled during their absence. Khumalo has played decently for Columbus, and he has been a real team leader. Columbus has won two straight since his return.

Geoffrey M. Huntley

Charlotte, N.C.

A friend and I were discussing various players in MLS and national teams, and we began wondering what some of the "stars" were pulling down in salary. Not to be nosey, but many of the other sports regularly publish their players salaries or contract perks. We were curious whether our U.S. players were being compensated in like manner as those abroad or in other profesional sports.

RM: The official MLS maximum salary is $175,000 per year, but many of the top stars are making much more than that. However, no MLS player is earning anything close to the staggering sums paid to Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, Barry Bonds, etc., and most of them make much less than their counterparts in major European or South American leagues.

Nick Larimer

Omaha, Neb.

In a recent article I read that MLS is considering getting new jerseys next year. Did these guys finally realize how ugly most of these uniforms are, or is this just wishful thinking on my part? In other countries, soccer teams have shirts that are basically one color. What a concept! They don't have these strange six colored mesh jerseys with huge fire-breathing horses on the front. I understand that the US may want to be different than other countries, but I think there is something to be learned from these people who have been doing this for a hundred years. I guess my question is: Is there a chance that MLS will get better, more traditional jerseys in the near future?

RM: The new jerseys will be modifications of the same motifs you see now. Nike, in particular, feels it must break ground to give its teams and the league an identity, and frankly, has no compunction about offending people if it makes them talk about its product. But look at it this way: some of them can't get any worse.

However, the trend in European and South American club jerseys is for two-color shirts, and some right gruesome sights have been seen in recent years (Arsenal's horrible black-and-yellow-triangles away strip of a few years ago being just one example.) And how about this: L.A.'s home shirt of black-yellow-teal-red looks like swamp sludge, but its white jersey is real classy. Still, to see a brilliant midfielder like Carlos Valderrama wearing a pastel color splash adorned with a bat offends me, too.

Jordan Smith


Given the obvious superiority to most MLS teams displayed by the LA Galaxy, it seems reasonable to ask how they stack up internationally. Do you think that LA is good enough to threaten the best Mexican teams? And, in any case, will the MLS champion play in CONCACAF club competitions? Also, will we forfeit the spot in the Cup Winners' Cup?

RM: Too soon to tell how LA shapes up, and we don't think the other nine teams have tossed in the towel just yet.

We've already suggested the Mexican League champ and the MLS champ square off, perhaps in a charity match, but with players being called up for World Cup qualifiers it may not be feasible this year. It's still a great idea.

MLS participation in U.S. Open and CONCACAF competitions is still under discussion, there should be some answers forthcoming in the next month or so. Personally, I think MLS teams will be too busy the next year or so to be worrying about U.S. Open Cup, the gateway to CONCACAF play. I can't see the Hunt family worrying about if the Crew or Wiz will be drawn into a tough group with Guatemalan or Costa Rican teams.

Mike Gallagher

San Jose, Calif.

How does one go about petitioning for a review of the goals and assists of a given game? I've tried the league office but I never seem to get any feedback and it is clear to me that mistakes are being made. Case in point:
KC's first goal against the Crew (on June 8). Preki got the assist but Chung made the pass. Fantasy Leaguers have something at stake!

RM: The league reviews all scoring decisions, which are made by the team P.R. directors working the games. In some cases, assists and goals have been changed or taken away. Contact MLS communications at (310) 772-7505. In the case you cite, the MLS office reviewed the game tape and changed the assist, and this should be reflected on the individual stats, so rack up those points accordingly.

Michael C. Thometz

Campo, Calif.

Am I the only person who thinks that Ty Keough and Phil Schoen try to find the most negative thing they can say when they do ESPN games with the US National Team? I get the feeling that Keough thinks he should be the US coach and that the team would do a lot better if only he were on on the sidelines calling the shots. I do not want a homer but I would like balanced reporting that is critical of both teams and complementary to both teams. If FIFA believes in Fair Play maybe ESPN should believe in Fair Commentary.

RM: Funny, but here in the office, we respect commentators willing to hand out criticism when warranted as well as give praise when deserved. Fair means fair, not flowery. Keough's incessant babbling irritates us and at times he's completely off-base, but when you lambast him because he sees deficiencies, it sounds to me that you do want a homer waving the red-white-and-blue. How can you bang the drum when you lose at home 2-0 to Bolivia? Should he praise Jeff Agoos for being slow, or Eric Wynalda for playing poorly?

If you want to hear real homerism, listen to the cheerleaders hired by MLS teams like Colorado, New York/New Jersey, and Washington for their local broadcasts, or give a listen to Anson Dorrance's commentary as "we" (i.e., the U.S.), takes on the world.

U.S. National Team

Enzo Basciano

Toronto, Ontario

What are the television ratings for the U.S. national team on ABC and ESPN (including those for U.S. cup '96)?Also, whatever happened to U.S. international Hugo Perez and olympian Steve Snow?

RM: Both the U.S.-Ireland and U.S.-Mexico matches drew ratings of 1.6, which is disappointing -- the network hoped for a mark in the range of 2.0 and 2.5. The city-by-city overnights for the Ireland match ranged from a 1.3 in New York to 3.5 in Detroit; the range for U.S.-Mexico ran from 1.6 in Detroit to 4.2 in Washington and 4.1 in Los Angeles (on tape-delay).

U.S. Cup ratings on ESPN and ESPN2 were: Bolivia-Mexico 0.3; U.S.-Bolivia 0.6; Mexico-Ireland 0.5; Ireland-Bolivia 0.4.

MLS matches on ESPN2 are averaging a 0.4 rating, which is slightly better than the network's 0.3 average for regular season college basketball and slightly lower than the 0.5 average for regular season NHL and college football telecasts. The New England-Los Angeles game June 6 pulled an audience of 0.8 going up against an NHL playoff game. The three MLS games shown on ESPN have averaged a 0.6, with the inaugural game April 6 drawing the top rating of 1.0.

Hugo Perez returned to his native El Salvador to play soccer and devote himself to his religion. Ken Snow was drafted by the Kansas City Wiz in the last round, but was cut early in preseason. His brother Steve is supposedly working in a pizza parlor in Chicago.

Bill Sheldon

Coral Gables, Fla.

How often and how timely are nielsen reports? I want to know and find that even USA Today ignores them.

RM: Nielsen ratings are computed weekly, and the top-rated shows can be found on most TV pages of daily newspapers. They are listed in USA Today in Section D in the middle of the week. Complete listings can be found on weeky trade journals. The most critical period are the "sweeps" periods in May and November, on which most advertising budgeting and buying decisions are based.

If you want complete listings regularly, I'd call your local major newspaper and ask to speak to the television reporter -- I'm sure they can be found somewhere on the Internet or in a convenient publication.

Teymy Bahmani

New York

What do you think about Tom Dooley on the National Team? He is 35 now and will be 37 by France 98--couldn't his current spot on the National Team be better used to give a younger player more experience?

RM: Dooley, as he showed at U.S. Cup, is still one of the top American players, despite his age. Head coach Steve Sampson is desperately searching for players to step in as the older players like Dooley, Caligiuri, etc. run down. He'll be watching MLS games and the U.S. showing at the Olympics to evaluate replacements, which, as you say, are needed.

Also, what's the status of an MLS Highlight show on ESPN/ABC?

RM: Next year, maybe, there will be a weekly highlight show. ESPN is planning on airing an MLS playoff preview and some sort of highlight show during the playoffs, as well as a championship match preview.

Aspects of Soccer

John Wynn

Gladwyne, Pa.

When I played soccer many years ago, a legal charge was hands at side. Why don't referees enforce this law? Arms are always reaching out and holding back.

RM: In the pro game, referees permit much more grabbing and pushing than is allowed in the lower levels of soccer -- a situation you'll find in football, hockey and basketball, too.

However, emulating the pros in youth or high school soccer will usually draw a referee's whistle and a foul call. And if you watch the top professional defenders, they are also excellent tacklers -- often they use just enough leverage with their arms to get a foot to the ball. Unless they blatantly throw an attacker to the ground or clearly hold him back, the referee will allow play to continue -- since the attacker is usually pushing at the same time!

Patsy Bondzio

Humble, Texas

In soccer, is there any significance to the jersey number that a player may have? My son's soccer team was assigned numbers by the position they play. The trainer said he was using the "World Cup" numbering system.

PB: The traditional numbering system was based on a 2-3-5 formation, in which #1 was the goalkeeper, #2 and #3 were defenders, #s 4, 5, and 6 were midfielders, and #s 7 through 11 were forwards (read right to left). However, each team now has its own World Cup numbering system for the 22 players on its roster. For example, Argentina numbers its players alphabetically (except for the top keeper, who wears #1).

The system of numbering players varies from country to country, but your son's coach might also be thinking of the traditional English system:

1 -- GK
2 -- right back
3 -- left back
4 -- center back
5 -- center back
6 -- midfielder
7 -- forward
8 -- midfielder
9 -- forward
10 -- midfielder
11 -- forward

For many years, this system was a constant in England, and sometimes, players wore different numbers for each game depending on where they played. Now, however, English players wear one number (assigned before the season begins) for the entire league campaign.

Doug Epps

Omaha, Neb.

What do you think about the refereeing you have seen at the u19 and college level?

PS: The referees I've seen vary, from decent to terrible. One of the problems with soccer in this country is the lack of quality refs.... and linesmen. I don't know the reason. Perhaps because they tend to be failed players and don't understand the nuances of the game.

Matt Popinski

Birmingham, Ala.

Do you have any tactical suggestions when coaching a team faced with superior talent and speed?

PS: That's a tough one. I don't want to sound like an advocate of negative soccer, but the first thing to do is to ensure that your defense is as secure as possible. That means at least four defenders, including a sweeper, with one or two frontrunners. The idea being: if you can pack the D, maybe you can pop one in at the other end. Also, if you have knowledge of the other team and you can pinpoint one or two players who are integral to its success and put man markers, shadows, on them, maybe you can disrupt the flow of their game.

U.S. Players Abroad

Michael Gray

Lompoc, Calif.

What has been Joe-Max Moore's current status since the relegation of his Bundesliga 2 team FC Nuremburg? Bundesliga, somewhere in continental europe, MLS?

PB: Look for him to end up at Kaiserslautern, which was relegated to the Bundesliga 2 for the first time in the club's rich history. However, as holders of the German Cup, Kaiserslautern will play in the Cup Winner's Cup, so Moore will get a little taste of European competition.




Could you please tell me where i can purchase tickets for the upcoming friendly match between Juventus and Liverpool. I believe the game is being played in the New England/Boston area?

PB: The Liverpool-Juventus match will not be played in the U.S. The site of the match was moved to Paris. However, Foxboro Stadium will host a friendly between Cruzeiro and Corinthians on July 7 at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. This will be the first match ever on American soil between two Brazilian First Division clubs. Among the stars expected to play: Edmundo (the "bad boy" of Brazilian soccer), Palhinha, Nonato, and Marcelino Carioca. Tickets for this match are available through Ticketmaster outlets in the northeast. Call (617) or (508) 931-2000 to reach Ticketmaster in Massachusetts

Joe Hadar

Humboldt, Iowa

How will Hungary do in the Olympics this Summer? With the resurgence of Eastern European soccer - Croatia will win Euro 96, Bulgaria or Romania will advance to the knockout round - I expect big things from my Hungarian cousins this Summer.

PB: Unfortunately, the Eastern European countries you mentioned did not survive the quarterfinals at Euro '96, although the Czechs stunned everyone by reaching the final.

Hungary dominated its group in European U-21 qualifying, but it struggled in its quarterfinal series with Scotland (the Scots won 4-3 on aggregate, but were ineligible for the Olympics), making it to Atlanta by virtue of the best tiebreaker record of the remaining quarterfinalists. They've been placed in a very tough group, with Japan, a strong Nigeria team, and pre-tournament favorite Brazil. Ferencvaros midfielder Krisztian Lisztes will be the key to Hungary's success, but it will probably take an upset for them to make the second round.

Pro Beach Soccer

Bill McSorley

Arlington, Va.

Has anyone heard how the US did last week in the first tour event, over in the UK, for Pro Beach Soccer?

PB: The U.S. split a pair of games in New Brighton, England -- the first stop on the FIFA-sanctioned Pro Beach Soccer World Tour for 1996. The Americans, led by World Cup veterans David Vanole and Desmond Armstrong, fell 6-3 to Brazil in a match that was shown on ABC's Wide World of Sports. Former Brazilian World Cup hero Junior led the way. .The U.S. rebounded with a 6-2 win over an England squad featuring Peter Shilton, Geoff Hurst, Trevor Francis, and Phil Neal. Brazil thrashed Italy 12-3 to win top honors, but the Italians, behind former World Cup stars Alessandro Altobelli, Claudio Gentile, and Franco Causio, came back to edge England 4-3.

Beach Soccer games are 5-on-5, and played on a 30 by 40 yard sand surface. The matches are 36 minutes in length (three 12 minute periods), and average one shot per 30 seconds and 10 goals per game. The Pro Tour continues in July with stops in France, Belgium, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, and Yugoslavia. Other stars expected to participate include Zico, Alemao, and Eder (all from Brazil), Frank Rijkaard (Netherlands), Steffano Tacconi, and Bruno Conti (both from Italy). Prime Sports, Prime Deportiva, and Univision are part of the tour's cable television package, and the Tour finals will be held in Miami Beach, Fla. November 23 and 24.

Women's Soccer

John Withers

Los Altos, Calif.

How do I get in touch with USWISL teams in Nor-Cal, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley to attend their games? Where do they play?

DC: The phone numbers and contact people for the three San Francisco Bay Area USWISL teams are:

NorCal Shockwaves: Paiman Sadigh -- (415) 637-9928, ext. 3.

San Francisco Nighthawks: Steve Valdespino/Dick Cross -- (415) 994-2892.

Silicon Valley Red Devils: John Richer -- (408) 254-0794

I don't know where NorCal plays -- I think it may play in Los Altos or Mountain View. San Francisco plays at Negoesco Stadium, on the USF campus. Silicon Valley plays at West Valley Community College in the South Bay.

Youth Soccer

Terrence Anderson

Bridgeport, W. Va.

Here in West Virginia our ODP program is very limited and most coaches will not look at us here. How can I get noticed? I am a one touch player that and a left footed kicker, and I have played competive soccer for 10 years?

DW: Don't be so sure that West Virginia's ODP program gets overlooked. The Region I coaches are pretty sharp. If you can get yourself to regional camp, you'll get a legitimate look.

Bob Biros

Newark, Del.

The USYSA has recommended that the Under 8 age group move from a 7V7 format to a smaller sided 4V4 format. What are the benefits of the smaller sided 4V4 format? Do you agree with the recommendation?

DW: I agree wholeheartedly with the recommendation. Among the benefits of 4-v-4: increased contact with the ball; energetic workouts, leading to better stamina; better perception of the true nature of soccer (taking advantage of 1-v-1 and 2-v-1, then finding the open player); field size more in keeping with young players' conceptual abilities; greater chances for decision-making; more time spent in pressure situations; increased technical skills; greater awareness of the tactical use of supporting players; more opportunities to score (and learn to score!); less emphasis placed on winning, more on "competing"; more fun. In addition, for coaches, these advantages accrue: weaknesses become more visible; smaller groups make for easier, less intrusive instruction; players learn to call their own fouls; players learn to shoot (and shoot low); practices can take place anywhere. I'm a huge advocate of 4-v-4, obviously!

Robert Lundy

Borger, Texas

I am a high school coach and would like information about any coaching clinics (all locations/states) offered during the summer and/or next fall. Where can I find this info.?

DW: Contact the NSCAA at 800-458-0678.

Don Asselin

Matthews, N.C.

I help coach an U-11 challenge team that is one of the best in the league. We normally control all our games from start to finish; however, we do have a problem putting the ball in the back of the net. Are there any drills that you would recommend for our team to use to help us in this area?

DW: First, vary your shooting practices: Feed balls at "realistic" angles; have kids go 1-v-1 to goal, etc. A good game: Set 2 goals 30 yards apart; go 4-v-4, with keepers; one goal ends it; winners stay on, and then a new team comes on -- it's very fast, and game-related.

Dean Vincent

Roseburg, Ore.

I am a father in the "outback" of Oregon (We don't get ESPN). My son, Yuri Vincent, is a keeper who is moving into the next age bracket. At age nine he will play the 12 year old league. I want to prepare him for more advanced technique -- inspire him with visions from the "Big Boys." Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any videos on world class keepers or games for that matter. I've tried AYSO, Soccer Stores, Magazine suppliers, the Internet, everywhere. My plea to you, I am willing to purchase or rent any videos you may produce or know of on soccer. Our xanadu would come from any knowledge of video productions on goal keeper techniques.

DW: Try contacting Pat McQuaid at Soccer Learning Systems: 2400 Old Crew Canyon Rd. #A-4, San Ramon, CA 94583; Phone -- (800)-SOCCER 6. They've got the best videos around.

Craig A. Young

Lawrenceville, N.J.

What are the names of all the under 13 boys teams that will be participating in the Region one finals to be played at Niagara Falls in June, 1996

DW: A good way to find out the teams in regional championships or national ones is to contact USYSA at (800)-476-2237.

Craig Ewing

Overland Park, Kan.

How do I go about finding the National High School Poll for High School girls?

DW: Call the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) at (800)-458-0678.

Craig Schreiber

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Are there any grants available for local youth soccer teams that wish to use the funds to compete in Europe with teams that are of the same age and soccer abilities.

DW: I'd suggest starting with local, community organizations that do things generally for youth -- I don't know of anything on the purely soccer angle -- although many soccer travel organizations (see ads in SA's tournament issues) DO provide fundraising opportunities.

Mike Meenan

Philadelphia, Pa.

I am 14 year old soccer player who is all right-footed and i am looking to improve my left-footed game. Could you give me any tips on traning to give myself confidence with both of my feet. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

DW: Have your coach set up a scrimmage or small-sided practice in which EVERY player MUST kick with his weak foot. Lots of laughs -- but very helpful. On your own, find a kickboard (or side of a house) and discipline yourself to ONLY use your left foot.

Tony Pentecost

Albertville, Ala.

Although AYSO is the widest publicized, are there other sanctioning bodies for youth soccer and how do we get in contact with them?

DW: You're a bit off target here. AYSO sanctions soccer through the US Soccer Federation, which sanctions it through FIFA. There are no LEGAL sanctioning bodies in the US other than US Soccer.

Patty Powers

Rockville, Md

What is the difference between boy's soccer and girl's soccer?

DW: When you're scrimmaging, it's tough for girls to play shirts and skins!

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