USA Olympic Women's Update: USA 2 Sweden 1 (65th minute)

The U.S. now leads Sweden 2-1 in the 65th minute of their Group E match.

U.S. midfielder Shannon MacMillan gave the Americans a two-goal lead in the 61st minute. Tiffany Roberts (who replaced Tiffeny Milbrett in the 58th minute) sent a pass to Mia Hamm just inside the top right corner of the box, but Sweden's Annika Nessvold knocked Hamm down, and the ball deflected into the box, where MacMillan slammed it into the back of the net.

The Swedes pulled within 2-1 on a 64th minute own goal by the USA's Carla Overbeck. Sweden's Kristin Bengtsson took a free kick from outside the box, and tried to find Lena Videkull, who was marked by Overbeck. The U.S. defender beat Videkull to the ball, but her attempted clearance went into the net.

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