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Remember Silver XI Write-ins

Don't forget the write-in option on the Soccer America Silver XI Ballot. We've had calls and letters about why one player or another did not make the final ballot and quite frankly, there are two reasons: 1) we made a decision to limit the ballot to 40 players (expanded from our original plan of 30) and, 2) it is based on nominations from the soccer community. Throughout the spring and summer we accepted nominations from the soccer public and we had an excellent response. Some fans nominated an entire team, while others cast their vote for a single player or coach. Even the ultimate criteria of "most positive impact" was left up to the fans. Does that mean on the field? Or does it mean on the sport in general? Can PELE and MICHELLE AKERS really be on the same team? Should a women's World Cup coach and a men's World Cup coach compete directly for the distinction of having the most positive impact on American soccer in the last 25 years? Our decision was to let the fans decide. The deadline to vote is Oct. 31, so don't delay...

Learn more about the Soccer America Silver XI by visiting the Silver XI Features area.

What do you think of these choices? To read what others think and to add your opinion, follow this link to the Soccer America Silver XI discussion area!

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