MLS: 1997 Supplemental Draft Results

Here are the results of the MLS Supplemental Draft, held Feb. 2 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

First Round

No. Team Selection Pos. Age
1 Los Angeles* Danny Pena D 28 n/a
2 Dallas** Wade Webber D 30 Portland
3 New England** Bill Harte D 25 Loyola
4 Dallas*** Dan Stebbins F 27 Notre Dame
5 MetroStars Ezra Hendrickson D 25 Drake
6 Tampa Bay**** Marco Ferruzi MF 26 North Carolina
7 Kansas City Ryan Tinsley MF 25 Fresno State
8 D.C. United@ Carlos Llamosa D 27 n/a
9 Los Angeles Brian Taylor F 21 Fresno State
10 Tampa Bay@ David Moxom D 24 Robert Morris

*-Colorado traded the first pick in the supplemental draft to Columbus for Adrian Paz. Columbus then traded the first pick to Los Angeles for Jorge Salcedo

**-Dallas traded its first pick in the Supplemental Draft (#3, which it had received from Columbus for the allocation spot that turned out to be Brad Friedel) and its third-round pick in the college draft to New England for the Revolution's first-round pick in the supplemental draft (#2).

***-San Jose traded its first-round pick (#4) and second-round pick (#20, as they had swapped second-round picks with D.C. United in the trade for Shawn Medved) in the supplemental draft to Dallas for the rights to midfielder Lawrence Lozzano and Dallas' second-round pick in the supplemental draft (#16).

****-Dallas sent its first-round pick in the supplemental draft to Tampa Bay in the trade for Peter Hattrup.

@- Tampa Bay traded a regular first-round pick (#8) to D.C. United for its first-round pick (#10) and United's second pick in the 1998 supplemental draft.

Second Round

No. Team Selection Pos. Age College
11 Colorado Billy Baumhoff MF 23 South Carolina
12 New England Patrick Olalere F 25 Carson Newman
13 Columbus Jason Farrell MF 26 Seattle Pacific
14 D.C. United Gerson Echeverry F 25 Seton Hall
15 MetroStars Braeden Cloutier F 22 n/a
16 San Jose Curt Onalfo D 27 Virginia
17 Kansas City Ricci Greenwood F 23 Seattle Pacific
18 Tampa Bay Paulo Dos Santos MF 23 Rhode Island
19 Los Angeles John Jones F 23 Sacramento State
20 Dallas Joey Martinez D 21 n/a

Third Round

No. Team Selection Pos. Age College
21 Colorado Kerry Zavagnin MF 22 North Carolina
22 New England Sam George MF 26 UCLA
23 Colorado* Michael Britton D 26 Syracuse
24 San Jose Edmundo Rodriguez F 26 New Mexico
25 MetroStars Dave Stewart F 23 n/a
26 Dallas Eric Stempinski F 22 Wisc.-Milwaukee
27 Tampa Bay** Mike Heald MF 24 Tampa
28 Columbus*** Billy Clifford D 22 Charleston
29 Los Angeles Travis Rinker D 28 Bridgeport
30 D.C. United Joe Thieman MF 24 Princeton

*-Colorado also received Columbus' third-round pick in the Adrian Paz trade

**-Tampa Bay received Kansas City's third-round pick in the Steve Pittman-Alan Prampin trade.

***Tampa Bay sent a third-round pick (#28) to Columbus for the Crew's third-round pick in the 1998 supplemental draft.

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