U.S. Open Cup: Tentative 1998 Schedule Set

To avoid the congestion of games in August and September that irritated MLS teams in 1997, U.S. Soccer has scheduled the U.S. Open Cup to begin several weeks earlier and assigned specific dates. Setting simply a range of dates last year allowed the cup to fall behind schedule and called on MLS teams to play during the playoff race. U.S. Soccer worked with the USISL and MLS to coordinate schedule and took advantage of MLS's light schedule during the World Cup.

1998 U.S. Open Cup

June 10-14 -- first round. June 24-28 -- second round. July 7-9 -- third round. July 22 -- quarterfinals. Aug. 4 -- semifinals. Aug. 26 -- final. ò Tentative schedule with eight A-League teams entering in second round and eight MLS entering in third round.
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