Contents: Soccer America June 8, 1998 issue


Passive Kuwaitis Cut Apart By U.S. Attack By Doug Cress A Poignant, Robust Debut For David Regis By Ridge Mahoney Mike Burns Rides Soccer Boom To Top By Frank Dell'Apa Kristine Lilly: The World Ironwoman At 26 Interview by Dean Caparaz Iran Coaching Change Makes Impact By Paul Kennedy Guide: U.S. Venues In France European Champion Real Madrid Looks Forward To New Era


Soccer Talk -- Eleventh-hour World Cup news: what does it all mean? By Paul Gardner


  • Up Front
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  • World Cup '98 Countdown
  • A-League Q&A: John Kerr, Jr.
  • American Scoreboard
  • A-League Profile: John Diffley
  • Youth Soccer Letter
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