MLS: Injury Update (July 29)

Chicago -- D Rich Kotschau (sprained ankle) is out; D Francis Okaroh (sore rib cage), MF Zak Ibsen (strained hamstring), F Jerzy Podbrozny (strained hamstring) and F Ante Razov (dislocated shoulder) are probable; D Andrew Lewis (strained groin), MF Manny Lagos (patella tendon surgery) and MF Piotr Nowak (sprained MCL) are on injured reserve. Colorado -- none. Columbus -- MF Jason Farrell (sprained foot) is doubtful; MF Todd Yeagley (bruised calf) is probable; D Mike Lapper (torn ACL) is on injured reserve. Dallas -- D Mark Santel (strained hamstring) is doubtful; F Dante Washington (sprained ankle) is probable; MF Alain Sutter (sprained hip), F Damian Alvarez (sprained MCL) and F Gerell Elliott (strained groin) are on injured reserve. D.C. United -- D Carlos Llamosa (strained quad and hip flexor) is out; MF Brian Kamler (sprained ankle) is questionable; D Geoff Aunger (patellar tendonitis), MF Marco Etcheverry (strained calf/sprained ankle) and MF Ben Olsen (strained hamstring) are probable; MF Tony Sanneh (abdominal surgery) is on injured reserve. Kansas City -- none. Los Angeles -- D Dan Calichman (broken tibia and fibula) is on injured reserve. MetroStars -- D Mark Semioli (broken toe) is questionable; D Rhett Harty (strained lower back) and D Jeff Zaun (abdominal strain) are on injured reserve. Miami -- GK Jeff Cassar (strained hamstring) is out; D Matt Knowles (sprained ankle) and F Roger Thomas (strained groin) are questionable; GK Scott Budnick (broken ribs) and D Cle Kooiman (sprained ankle) are on injured reserve. New England -- MF Jair (broken ankle) is on injured reserve. San Jose -- MF Wade Barrett (sprained ankle) is questionable; D Vicente Figueroa (bruised thigh) and F Ronald Cerritos (bruised thigh) are probable; D Tim Weaver (broken tibia) is on injured reserve. Tampa Bay -- F Paul Young (pulled back) is questionable.
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