MLS: Explanation of SA player ratings

Every week during the MLS season, Soccer America's MLS Weekly Report features game summaries and player ratings. Here is SA managing editor Paul Kennedy's explanation of the our player ratings: Ratings are done on a scale of 1-10. 10 is high. 1 is low. Here's the basic evaluation: 10 world class (rarely given -- Kasey Keller got a 10 against Brazil) 9 extraordinary (again only a few a year) 8 excellent 7 very good 6 good 5 average 4 poor 3 very poor 2 horrible (rarely given) 1 no business showing face again (I can't remember us having ever given anyone a 1). Ratings are done by writers covering the game. What goes into the evaluation: impact of player on team's performance (players on winning team generally get better ratings than those on losing team, though a winning team could clobber another team and still not get high ratings if the score was the result of bad play on the opposition's part), how he handles duties expected of him (marking, playmaking, getting chances, etc.). Are they perfect every week? No, but they do average themselves out over the course of a year. They generally make interesting statistical analysis and good discussion, which is the reason why we do them.
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