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Platini Warning Over English Foreign Ownership

UEFA President Michel Platini expressed his displeasure at foreign ownership in England's Premier League, saying he would resist the advances of foreign investors in France. "They could be rich people coming to help English football and develop it, but they may just want to make money," Platini said during a television interview. "I fear your clubs will lose identity. If it was in France, I would fight it.''

The EPL trend has come under scrutiny especially following the appointment of exiled Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as owner of Manchester City. Thaksin has been linked to human rights abuse while presiding over the government of Thailand; he was driven out of the country by a military junta in September 2006 while attending a U.N. meeting in New York City. Thaksin recently passed the English league's "fit and proper persons" test to become owner of Manchester City.

In response to the backlash over the EPL's ruling, Richard Scudamore, the league's CEO, said: "Until anyone has been tried and found guilty of anything, as is the law in this country, we can't rule somebody out unless they are convicted. The truth is that in some parts of the world, human rights activists would rule out George Bush and Tony Blair from running a football club. We run a league, and there is a place where our job ends and governments and politicians take over." He added that should Thaksin be found guilty of anything, then he would have to withdraw his interest from City.

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