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Beckham No-Show Leads to More Questions

Following the publicity-high that was his debut, the world is now wondering when David Beckham will be well enough to play again. Already-just nine days after his debut-Becks is being written off in certain circles as little more than a marketing ploy without having played a part in one meaningful match. Why's it taking so long for his ankle to heal? After all it's been two months since he sustained the injury against Estonia-of course he reinjured it twice since then.

Or was it three times? As Soccernet's Steve Davis points out, "we may never know if the 12 minutes plus stoppage time [against Chelsea] set back his progress." Regardless, given the longevity of the injury, was it wise for him to play at all? It certainly didn't help, he says, especially given that sliding tackle from Steve Sidwell.

Either way, it doesn't sound good for Galaxy fans. Beckham says he's running now, but without cutting or turning. If that's the case, then what was he doing playing against Chelsea? And who put him up to it? Meanwhile Davis points out that Beckham didn't go to Dallas for the SuperLiga game because air travel is bad for the swelling. If so, then why did he go to Toronto three days later? Who put him up to that? The common denominator, unmentioned by Davis, is that both matches were to be shown on ESPN Networks, which incidentally owns Soccernet.

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