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EPL to Change Player Loan, Transfer Rules

The Carlos Tevez fiascoes (yes, plural) have prompted the English Premier League to introduce a rule change regarding player transactions that would have a direct impact on transfers, registration, loan deals and agent compensation. The move follows a season in which Kia Joorabchian, the Iranian businessman who held on to the economic rights of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano, wreaked havoc on the EPL's rulebook. The London Times points out that the turmoil isn't over, either, as relegated Sheffield United still has a legal claim to $100 million in possible compensation for the affair.

Premier League Chief Richard Scudamore was forthright in his assertion that the events of last season damaged the league's reputation, and rules must be changed to accommodate greater transparency. "Changes have to be made for the same reason the Stevens report was necessary," Scudamore said, referring to the investigation of transfer dealings between agents and EPL coaches in which many clubs were implicated. "We cannot keep taking this blow to our reputation and the clubs recognize that."

Scudamore added (controversially) that clubs are now better run financially thanks to their new owners and that tighter regulation and more transparency would make sure that clubs act like responsible corporations. Among the proposed rule changes, are complete transparency with regard to player registration and employment. Loan deals would also have to be declared, lasting a full season, and the number of goalkeepers loaned out would be limited to one. As for third parties owning players' financial rights (like Tevez), Scudamore said a new proposal would be forthcoming.

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