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ESPN Criticized for Too Much Becks

ESPN's Beckham coverage is out of control, say soccer critics across the blogosphere. The Washington Post Soccer Insider's Steven Goff coined the term "BSPN" to refer to the network's coverage of Becks. The New York Times soccer blog also went off on ESPN's irksome "Beckham Obsession":
"Close-up of [Beckham's] facial expressions. Shot of him talking to Cobi Jones. Cut to a sock adjustment. For all that was going on on the field, it was the superstar on the bench that held ESPN's interest." Is ESPN simply whoring out the MLS superstar to the media? You can even tell that SportsCenter's hosts are getting sick of the relentless footage of Becks, who aside from a through ball to Landon Donovan against D.C. has yet to do anything warranting a replay. Meanwhile, SportsCenter didn't bother to show Luciano Emilio's game-winning goal, or a single highlight of Joe Cannon's excellent performance in goal.
MLS players are starting to get ticked off, too. Said D.C. United defender Bobby Boswell, "I'll tell you what [makes me mad]," he said. " You would think [SportsCenter] would show the highlights of the game, but the highlights were when Beckham warmed up, when he went in, a free kick ... how do you just show him and they say, 'Oh, they lost 1-0.' What did anyone get out of that?'" It seems that ESPN was listening: Producer Tim Scanlan promised that the Galaxy's next game on ESPN, Chivas USA next Thursday, will be less Becks-centric. "He was making his MLS debut. He was the story tonight," Scanlan said.

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