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Unhappy Twellman Trapped in New England

Taylor Twellman must be ruing the day last year he agreed to a $300,000-plus multi-year deal with the New England Revolution. The Revs striker had a stellar 2007, breaking the club's scoring record and firmly establishing himself in Bob Bradley's U.S. national team. Had he known that an English club would come calling for him at the end of the year, Twellman might not have signed that contract, says ESPN columnist Ives Galarcep. Twellman wants to trade New England for Preston North End of England's Coca-Cola Championship, but it doesn't look like MLS is going to let him. Had he held out for another year and let his stock rise, Twellman would have been a free agent going into this month's European transfer window.

Even with an improved a $2.5 million transfer offer, Preston couldn't get its man. Meanwhile, 27-year-old Twellman is left wondering if this could be his last chance to play in Europe. "I'm not going to lie; $2.5 million is not an offer I ever expected to see," Twellman told Galarcep. "Here is a team that clearly has interest in me, and here I am, in a position to be able to get a [U.K.] work permit, and it's a chance that I don't know is going to come again."

Now, his fate more or less resigned to remaining a New England player, Twellman feels he at least deserves a salary increase. "If I'm that valuable and mean that much to the team, then how do they justify me not being their designated player?" he asks. "It isn't even about that, though. It's about a chance that I may not get again. You only do your career once, and this is an offer I'm not sure they'll ever see again."

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