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Death of the European Super League

FIFA on Tuesday won a major victory against Europe's most powerful clubs as the G14 lobbying organization agreed to disband. G14 was comprised of clubs like Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. It has often been described as a pressure group that used its considerable influence -- for example, there have only been three European Cup or Champions League finals in which a G14 member was not present -- by threatening soccer's world governing body through litigation.

G14's recent FIFA lawsuits sought compensation for clubs for players injured during international duty. Most crucially, however, G14 threatened to break away and create its own European Super League. According to FIFA President Sepp Blatter, the dissolution of G14 means that is no longer a possibility. Meanwhile, any outstanding G14-backed cases have been dropped.

"Something very special has happened today," President Blatter said Tuesday. "The clubs, which are the basic cells of our game and fundamental to its thriving, are at last to become a part of the pyramidal football organization." The new organization, which includes all European clubs, is called the European Club Forum.

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