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Red Bull Should Jump at Zidane Opportunity

Zidane rumors are flying across the Web again, and a hopeful Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports says that the time is now for MLS to find out exactly what the three-time World Player of the Year meant when he told French magazine L'Equipe: "I have no goal but coming back into football... Then, in which way, how, I don't know." Does he mean as a player, a coach, an ambassador or a team executive? Is that "the idle musings of a bored retiree" or is Zidane serious, asks Rogers.

Zidane seldom speaks unless he has something to say, and sources tell Rogers says that the former France legend wants to come back as a player-and if he does, North America is his preferred destination, New York in particular. At 35, Zidane may be way past his best, but Rogers says the Red Bulls have to pursue this. After all, fellow France World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff was still a valuable contributor to the Metrostars at 37.

Aside from getting another chance at a proper ending to Zidane's glittering career, coming to the U.S would also serve the purpose of growing the game over here. Since the 2006 final, Zidane has shown a penchant for soccer with a purpose, although most of his exploits have been charity. While an MLS move would be far from charity, it would be a chance to serve along as an ambassador for the game in America alongside David Beckham.

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