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German Amateur Team Racks Up 'Suspicious' 54-1 Victory

  • DPA, Wednesday, June 4, 2008 12:45 PM
A regional lower league game in the Cologne area of Germany has attracted some attention after Rheinkassel-Langel Reserves beat their final day opponents DJK Loewe Reserves 54-1, and were consequently promoted on goal difference.
Before the final round of games, the team was in third place behind rival Germania Nippes Reserves, but with the same number of points. However, the Nippes goal difference was superior by a margin of 37 goals. This was overturned, despite Nippes winning 10-0 on the road at Ditib-Tuerk's second string, when Rheinkassel-Langen notched 41 times in the course of a free-scoring second half.
"This is a shame. Such a result can not stand. Anyone involved in soccer must have doubts," said alert local soccer official Hermann-Josef Schmitz, announcing an investigation. Perhaps his first question should be, "Did you really think you would erase all suspicion by letting one in?"

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