Postgame from the Worker's Stadium

[REACTION] The American players always believed in themselves, battling back from an opening game loss to Norway to run off five straight wins and win its third Olympic gold medal in women's soccer.

U.S. defender Kate Markgraf
On whether she ever doubted the team would win the gold medal in light of all the adversity:
"I don't think we ever doubted but we just didn't think about it. Also, after the first game we had our backs against the wall and we had no choice but to fight. All 18 of us. There isn't a star on this team, there are 18 great team players. That's how we won tonight."

On whether this was a defining game for the U.S. team:
"I think so many of us for so long looked up to players who are no longer here. Hopefully now America will start to look up to the players around me, there are 18 of us now, even though the previous generations set the standard."

U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd
On the overtime period:
"It was hard. It was definitely a battle. Now we're all going to be on vacation for a little bit. But I couldn't have done it without any single one of these players on the team. It's not about my goal, it's about every single person and the coaching staff."

U.S. forward Angela Hucles
On what was said going into overtime:
"I can't remember right now. We just had to go after them. We believed in our fitness. We knew we were fitter. We just felt the unity, the strength, that's what held us together."

U.S. captain Christie Rampone
On her response to those who said they couldn't do it without Abby Wambach and certain other players:
"We believed. I believed in these girls. We got stronger each game and I love these girls."

U.S. defender Lori Chalupny
On the team's chemistry on the field:
"We just look in each others' eyes and we believe and we know that we can do it. It's just a feeling that we have and nobody can break that bond. It's awesome."

U.S. forward Heather O'Reilly
On facing a good Brazilian side:
"We weren't going to break. They were going to get their chances because they have such individual talent and players with amazing personalities, but this team was not breaking."

U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo
On how much the team thought about the 2007 World Cup loss to Brazil:
"We thought about that game all the time, I'm not going to lie. We've seen Brazil three times since that last match, but it wasn't the same. On the world stage is when teams really come to play so it sat with us a little bit but we were confident in our team defending, so I knew it going to be a different game altogether."

On the team's defense:
"Defense won today's game, from the forwards all the back to the goalkeeper. We were a team on defense and that really won today's game."

On her 72nd minute save against Marta:
"I can't even recall the saves or how it happened, but all I know is that I was playing with a different energy tonight and it just felt so good. There were several different defining moments in this game I think."

On the team's energy:
"I think we got better with each game. The confidence that Pia brought to this team and team essence was a different energy and it felt so good tonight."

On whether the gold medal will help jump start the new WPSL in 2009:
"In 1999 that team jump started the first league and we're hoping to be able to do the same. There are a lot of girls who have that dream to play and I hope that we can help fulfill them."

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