INTERVIEW: UCLA's Christina DiMartino

SOCCER AMERICA interviews UCLA All-American Christina DiMartino, one of the country's top playmakers. The U.S. international is the oldest of a family of soccer-playing sisters. Gina is a sophomore at Boston College. Victoria is a member of the U.S. girls under-17 national team. Jaclyn is a member of the 'Region I '95 ODP pool.

College: UCLA
Class: Senior
Position: Midfield
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
High School: Massapequa
Youth Club: Albertson Express
Major: History

Why your team will win the College Cup?
If we make it, it will be because of our team chemistry. We're all on the same page. Everyone knows each other's role. We trust each other.

Biggest area of improvement needed to win College Cup?
We need to be more consistent. No matter who we play, we need to be ready to play every single game. We need to execute on what we're told.

Greatest asset as a player?
I have an attacking mindset. I'm a creative player. I take on people 1 v 1.

Biggest weakness as a player?
I need to work on my presence in the air, my willingness to win head balls.

Best advice you received when you entered college?
Enjoy the experience. You are there to grow as a person.

Advice you gave your freshmen about Coach Ellis?
Be respectful. Jill has great insight. Respect each other and the coaches.

Pregame ritual?
I like to sleep before I play. It relaxes me.

Postgame ritual?
After games, I like to hang out with the girls on the team and go get food.

Favorite hangout when you're back home?
I like being with my friends and family. I'm more low key.

Favorite hangout on campus or in town?
If I'm not in the locker room, I go to the Morgan Center. I like to do work there.

Fondest memories-playing high school or youth soccer?
When I played high school ball, our team was very good. I got to play with my sister, Gina, for 3 years. That was special. When I played club ball, our club coach was awesome. I loved playing with all my friends, too. I'm still friends with some of them.

18 or 21-what should the drinking age be?
Twenty-one is a good age. You're more responsible at that age. People will make better decisions.

Obama or McCain-whom do you support?
I'm not sure. I haven't really decided.


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