Good review for extra linesmen

[REF WATCH] The first official experimentation with extra linesmen was conducted at a European U-19 Championship qualifying tournament in Slovenia and UEFA President Michel Platini was pleased with the results. An extra linesman was positioned near each goal to help alert referees to fouls in the area or diving incidents.

"He [Platini] saw it all in action over the weekend and after talking to the referees, players and coaches he really feels it is a good way to solve the problems that everybody is talking about," Platini's special advisor William Gaillard told Reuters.

The assistants in the penalty area communicate with the referee via headsets. "So if the referee wants to not take into account what they say he can ignore it and nobody sees what is going on," said Gaillard.

UEFA will conduct two more trials at similar tournaments later this year and report its findings to FIFA, whose approval is required for extra assistants to be used on a wider scale.


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