6. OFF THE POST: Brazilian scores at age 58

Brazilian Pedro Ribeiro Lima, considered the oldest active professional player in the world at the age of 58, scored the first goal of his career when he converted a penalty for Perilima, the club he owns, in its 5-1 loss to Campinese last week in the Paraibano state championship.

Perilima, the worst team in the Paraibano First Division with four losses in four games in the competition's second stage, was trailing, 4-0, when it was awarded a penalty kick, and teammates asked Pedro Ribeiro to take the penalty kick.

Pedro Ribeiro, a midfielder, founded Perilima (Pe-ri-lima for the first letters of Pedro Ribeiro Lima) in 1992 and began playing for the club in 1999 when it was in the Second Division. He is the owner of a plant that makes sordas, a cookie popular in Brazil's Northeast.

Pedro Ribeiro's dream is to continue playing until he is 60.
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