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Stronger Dollar Good For MLS Imports

  • , Tuesday, December 9, 2008 12:45 PM
The stronger dollar could be good news for any MLS team planning to import players from Europe, writes Greg Lalas. At the same time, it may make European clubs think twice about importing U.S. talent.

Jozy Altidore cost Villarreal $10 million when it bought the striker from RB New York this past summer, which at the time was around 6.3 million euro. Now he would cost around 7.8 million euro. A player like Kenny Cooper, reportedly set for a move to Europe from FC Dallas this offseason, is more expensive now than he was a few months back. His value might have stayed the same in dollar terms, but if a European club had started scouting him in June, say, it might decide now that he's too dear.

The reverse logic is that European players are cheaper for the league, just as Argentine players have been for some time. One unnamed MLS general manager told Lalas: "Why do you think Argentina is such a player exporter? It's not only because of their talent pool. Their currency has been in the tank for the past few years, so their players are cheap as hell." The MLS salary cap of around $2.3 million was equal to around 1.45 million euro or 6.9 million Argentine pesos in the summer, Lalas notes. Now it's equal to around 1.79 million euro or 8 million Argentine pesos, giving teams significant extra scope.

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