6. MLS ROUNDUP: Opening game TV ratings match last year's

ABC broadcast of MLS's season opener last Saturday, a 2-1 Colorado win over D.C. United, drew a 0.6 overnight rating (460,000 households). It was the same rating that the 2006 opener got on ABC. In comparison, CBS's coverage of The Masters (golf) at the same time April 7 earned a rating of 6.1 (4.7 million households). ...

MLS referees have been directed by the league office to, at their discretion, issue a yellow-card caution to players who raise their hand with an imaginary card. ...

MLS kicked off its 12th season with players born in 49 different countries. Of the 325 MLS players under contract on April 5, roughly two thirds were born in the United States. More than 30 percent of the MLS players born abroad are from Latin America. Here's how MLS compares to other American major pro sports leagues:
League Total Players Born Outside USA Countries of Birth
MLS: 325 107 (33%) 49
NBA: 450 86 (19%) 42
NFL: 1,871 114 (6%) 29
MLB: 1,242 351 (28%) 22
NHL: 915 740 (81%) 21

Click HERE for a world map and a current list of MLS players born outside the United States. ...

Kansas City Wizards left back Jose Burciaga Jr., 25, who last season notched eight goals and eight assists and was selected to the MLS Best XI honor, told mlsnet.com he's starting to get frustrated about not getting a U.S. national team call-up.

"It's frustrating to see teammates that I used to play with getting call-ups," he said. "I'm anxious to get my opportunity. I just thought with me having the season I just had, I thought at least I would have had an opportunity. Growing up, playing for your country is something that is everybody's dream."
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