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Beckham Departure Would Be Huge Embarrassment To MLS

Many observers and journalists have said that Major League Soccer's best option in the case of David Beckham would be to let him leave and be done with it. But Frank Giase thinks the player's departure now would mean a huge loss of face for the league.
"Beckham has a contract and he needs to honor it," he writes. "He said he would when he left, but now that he is playing well and has become a vital player for Milan, who knows what his representatives are doing behind the scenes to get him out of his commitment without losing face?"

The sad reality is that "if Beckham wants to leave, MLS may not have a choice" in getting him back to return to the mediocre Galaxy. "But if he leaves after two years [of his five-year deal] the league may not recover from the embarrassment for a long time. And any compromise will be just as humiliating." Allowing him to finish the Serie A season and return to L.A. in May "would make MLS look like a decidedly minor-league outfit that kowtows to the big clubs around the world."

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