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Houston's Kamara Has The Right Perspective

Player interviews are rarely worth highlighting, especially in the preseason phase when they're all predicting playoffs and titles and saying what a great bunch of lads coach is putting together, and how hard everyone is working at practice. But Houston Dynamo's Kei Kamara manages to be consistently interesting in his chat with Keith Costigan, especially on the subject of his childhood in Sierra Leone.
"It was tough growing up there, especially with the civil war, but my older brothers helped keep me away from trouble," Kamara said. "Football was basically the one thing to keep my family away from the troubles as we ran two football clubs in our compound. It was tough being a kid in a war zone and seeing stuff a kid shouldn't see, but it definitely made me a stronger person. After seeing those kinds of bad things it helped me put life into perspective and I don't let silly little things stress me out as much as other people might do."
After moving to Los Angeles, Kamara found it tough to get noticed as a soccer player, but ended up playing college soccer at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Still, he recognized well the limits of the college structure. "I definitely feel I would have developed better in a European academy," he said. "The college game is good, but the season is too short. Growing up in Africa, we play for the entire year, but the college season lasts only three months. My first year as a professional was about ten months and just playing three months in college really didn't prepare me for the longer season."

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