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Till Becks Us Do Part

  • Goal.com, Friday, February 6, 2009 3 PM
Sometimes divorce can be a messy business, where both sides end up slinging mud, writes Andrea Canales. Sometimes a divorce can be amicable, and everyone stays friends. David Beckham's split from Major League Soccer and the L.A. Galaxy seems to be a combination of the two.
Beckham seems to be slinging mud, while the league is so far blameless. The player "hasn't been able to help himself, taking potshots at the league and how far it has to go before it can appeal to top players like himself," she writes. But Beckham came to MLS of his own free will and because he wanted a challenge. Indeed, he got the challenge, but "it turns out he didn't really want it to actually be tough, though." The league's only mistake was (like many of us) to take him at his word.
"Beckham's actions are now completely incompatible with those words," she says. "One doesn't make a positive impact on American soccer by taking their money, playing fitfully, then running off to Milan and from there, whining about how much MLS needs to improve." The league, she concludes, "which has done nothing to disparage Beckham in this entire process, should be treated better, is probably better off without him, and deserves better than him in the future."

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