Don Sets Doomsday for David

With a great sense of drama and timing, MLS commissioner Don Garber has pronounced Doomsday for David. It will be tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Either Beckham and his clan (his army of advisers, lawyers, consultants, managers, assistants and hangers-on), and AC Milan with all their various experts, come to an agreement with the Los Angeles Galaxy (which means AEG and all their high-powered business guys) by tomorrow, or any deal selling the player to Milan is off, finito, and Beckham -- with great reluctance one imagines -- will return to California.

So we have a view of Garber the hard man doing what commissioners always find it difficult to do -- telling their bosses how to behave. Or that's how it appears. In what has to be one of the most clumsily-worded statements he'll ever make, Garber says "We [i.e. MLS] are prepared to be supportive of transferring David to AC Milan for a transfer fee that acknowledges the value of his services to the Galaxy and the League."

There are those -- I feel I might be among them -- who would suggest that if the fee is to be linked to Beckham's value to the Galaxy as a player, then the Galaxy should be paying Milan to take him. But "value" here, I suppose, includes all those marketing deals. Beckham, like all MLS players, is actually under contract to MLS, which pays his basic salary. One might think that it should be MLS that is dealing with Milan -- but evidently not when it's Designated Player Beckham, and that other, vast, world of sponsorships and endorsements comes into it.

This then, is the situation: Garber is leaving the negotiations to the Galaxy. And they have made it clear that, if the money's right, they won't hesitate to send Beckham on his way. But Milan and the Galaxy are miles apart (as much as $8 million according to some speculations) on how much Milan should pay to the Galaxy. Not be outdone by Garber's mis-wording, AEG's Tim Leiweke offers this obscure thought: "If David ultimately is an asset for this team, we want him back."

That's a pretty strange "if" - and anyway, surely Leiweke himself is the very one who should know the answer to that question.

Well, maybe that is the situation. We got a reminder last week -- also from the Galaxy -- that we journalists are really a pretty clueless bunch. Bruce Arena, reverting to his scornfully dismissive attitude to the press (which I'd hoped he'd outgrown) told journalists that he found what they were writing was "kind of humorous when you understand what's going on behind the scenes."

OK, guilty, I'm not behind the scenes. But I can speculate. How about this. AEG has made one mighty mess of the whole Beckham extravaganza. Now it's backed into a corner, desperate to sell him -- but only for a sum that at least says they weren't financially duped. Milan knows that, so it dithers and delays, making AEG even more nervous. So it gets Garber to add his weight to the affair. Between them they agree that Garber must deliver an ultimatum to AEG -- but they know that it is really intended for Milan. AEG can now claim that its hands are tied and Milan must cough up or shut up. And Garber looks good, the iron-man getting one of his clubs to toe the line.

Arena may well find my version humorous. I have news for him, it's meant to be. Then again, maybe not. In the meantime, I'm looking at Arena's efforts to turn the Galaxy into a decent team, and I'd have to say I find those rather humorous, too. But it's difficult not to sympathize with Arena, who has inherited this shambles, with his two outstanding players strenuously trying to get signed by other clubs.

If Landon Donovan stays in Europe, it is certainly a big loss for MLS. But you can make the case that his success there would have a positive side because it would indicate that this country can produce skillful players, and it would reflect well on the caliber of play in MLS.

Exactly the opposite applies to Beckham. He is so obviously fleeing from MLS, and every statement he makes, when he seems to think he's praising American soccer, comes out as a patronizing slur on both the league and on the caliber of American players. If he returns, it will be as though he's being dragged back here. I suppose that would, at least, give Beckham a last chance for some memorable performances on the field, which would go some way toward rebuilding his shattered image with American fans.

But you have to feel that performing as a reluctant star is not Beckham's game, and anyway the brutal truth is that neither the Galaxy nor MLS will greatly miss him if he bows out.

A deal that allows Beckham to become a Milan player is the best way out of this screw-up. It is the solution that does least damage to all the parties involved, not one of whom, as Doomsday approaches, can feel too delighted with the way things have panned out.


4 comments about "Don Sets Doomsday for David".
  1. Ian Plenderleith, February 12, 2009 at 9:42 a.m.

    It's The Don's clumsy but wishful thinking - he wants the issue off his desk as quickly as possible so that it doesn't dominate every story previewing the new MLS season. It typifies the league's apparently unyielding belief that you can somehow stage-manage media coverage, and every time that doesn't work it acts so surprised or with such a sense of indignation that you can only conclude they genuinely believe that a major league has the right to exist in a world with no negative press. So getting shot of Beckham as quickly as possible will clear the way for thrilling rundowns on the Kansas City offseason roster changes.

  2. Gus Keri, February 12, 2009 at 11:02 a.m.

    To Don Garber:
    Welcome to the real world of the soccer transfer system. In this world, you don't, suddenly, wake up one day and find that a transfer has occured, like in the MLS. Here, you have to play the media game too.
    Even if the deal was not struck by Friday, the talk will continue and if a deal have been reached, can you stop it? I doubt it

  3. Michael Leighton, February 12, 2009 at 11:38 a.m.

    The biggest leverage Garber and AEG have hasn't been discussed. The fact that Beckham wants to play for England. Should he have to come back to Galaxy he will be throwing that opportunity out the window. He knows it and his "people" know it. That's huge leverage. I say wield it like the mighty sword it is. Beckham wants out let him pay up like Galaxy did when they brought him in.

  4. Luis Lapeira, February 17, 2009 at 1:19 p.m.

    Let these two players play where they want. Donovan is a great player, he will put the U.S. soccer name out there and will help to turn the eyes of the international game to the U.S. soccer.
    Sell the rights (or loan) these two players and bring more players like Blanco, Angel, and Schelotto. I have some suggestions for you Garber,
    Bring Palermo, Riquelme, Siciliano, Totono Grisales, Radamel Falcao, Salvador Cabanas, Veron, Humberto Suazo.
    Divide those players among the U.S. team, and watch the U.S. soccer grow like you have never expected!!!!!!!
    I can imagine MLS Galaxy with Suazo and Falcao as forwards vs Houston Dynamo with Palermo and Siciliano ....or Seattle with Schelotto and Veron ... or Salvador Cabanas playing for Chivas USA. Trust me. Stadiums full of people every Saturday!!!
    Garber, are you listening?

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